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New Fathom eBook – Two States for Two Peoples / 28 September / 2015

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Oslo II agreement, we have published Two States for Two Peoples – an eBook of essays and interviews drawn from our pages.  Read over 20 experts on how we can renew the two-state solution and resolve the conflict within the framework of mutual recognition.

To download the eBook, click here.

READ: Hussein Ibish , Joshua Muravchik, Moshe Arens and  Ami Ayalon, Cary Nelson, David Pollock, Einat Wilf, Shlomo Avineri,  Ofer Zalzberg, Joel Braunold, Hitham Kayali, Isaac Herzog, Omer Bar-Lev Ari Shavit, Benny Begin, Meir Kraus, Danny Seidemann, Lior Amihai, Dani Dayan, David Newman, Sapan Maini-Thompson, Michael Herzog, Gershon Baskin, Shlomo Brom , Efraim Halevy  and Dore Gold.

Our Voice of the Week is Dr. Sara Fainberg, INSS expert, explaining the growing Russian footprint in Syria. 17 September, 2015.

Our Image of the Week is of the head of the Likud Party’s LGBT group and his partner at Ben Gurion Airport, arriving back from the US with their surrogate babies. 26 September, 2015. FLASH90

Fathom eBook | Two States for Two Peoples – 20 Years after Oslo II: How to renew the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians

by Fathom Editors

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Oslo II agreement, Fathom has published an eBook – Two States for Two Peoples – a collection of  essays and interviews drawn from the pages of Fathom focused on the two-state solution and how to reinvigorate it. To download the eBook, click here. Featuring: Hussein Ibish , Joshua Muravchik, Moshe Arens and  Ami Ayalon, Cary Nelson, David Pollock, Einat Wilf, Shlomo Avineri,  Ofer Zalzberg, Joel Braunold, Hitham Kayali, Isaac Herzog, Omer Bar-Lev,  Ari Shavit, Benny Begin,...

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