Trump and Netanyahu: The Disagreements Beneath The Surface

By Ofer Zalzberg
In this insightful essay Ofer Zalzberg, Director of the Middle East Program at the Herbert C. Kelman Institute... Read more > March 2021

BICOM Forecast Paper: The Middle East in 2021

BICOM’s sixth annual forecast is a guide for policy makers and opinion formers to issues and events that will... Read more > January 2021

UK-Israel 2021 | How Israel military tech (and doctrine) will make the UK better at fighting the hybrid warfare of...

By Seth Frantzman
Technology is radically transforming the battlefield, revolutionising doctrines of warfighting and counter-terrorism. ‘Hybrid warfare’ is the new reality.... Read more > January 2021

UK-Israel 2021 | An interview with UK Ambassador to Israel Neil Wigan  

By Neil Wigan OBE
BICOM’s Director Richard Pater spoke to UK Ambassador Neil Wigan shortly before the turn of the year about... Read more > January 2021

Book Review | Head of the Mossad: In Pursuit of a Safe and Secure Israel

By Paul Gross
The Director of the Mossad has to think geopolitically. He (and so far it has always been a... Read more > December 2020

Fathom Long Read | Adorno and Iran: Critical Theory and Islamic Antisemitism

By Stephan Grigat
‘After Auschwitz’, said the German philosopher and social critic Theodor Adorno, we should embrace a new categorical imperative:... Read more > December 2020

Fathom Podcast | Will Saudi Arabia make peace with Israel?

By Sir John Jenkins
In this podcast, Fathom's Deputy Editor Samuel Nurding speaks with Sir John Jenkins, a senior fellow at Policy... Read more > December 2020

Symposium: Biden and Israel | The Abraham Accords shattered a policy paralysis and a cycle of failed mediation and negotiations...

By Alex Ryvchin
Trump’s decision to upend the failed foreign policy establishment orthodoxy about the Middle East Peace Process is being... Read more > November 2020

Symposium: Biden and Israel | ‘Biden will not reprise the acrimony of Barack Obama’s dealings with Israel. He may prove...

By Joshua Muravchik
A Biden administration carries the promise of restoring bipartisanship to support for the Jewish state, says Joshua Muravchik.... Read more > November 2020

Symposium: Biden and Israel | Don't expect to see the Obama/Kerry paradigm

By Robert Satloff
Robert Satloff, the Executive Director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, argues that whilst the Middle... Read more > November 2020

Symposium: Biden and Israel | ‘There is simply too much damage to repair around the world. The Israelis and the...

By Jo-Ann Mort
A Biden/Harris administration will seek to return foreign policy to the Obama track, but the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will... Read more > November 2020

Symposium: Biden and Israel | ‘The biggest challenge for US-Israeli relations will be Iran. The Biden team has been vague,...

By Jonathan Rynhold
While the theatrics of Biden and Netanyahu’s personal relationship may engage the attention of media pundits, policymakers will... Read more > November 2020

Images of Israel in India

By Khinvraj Jangid
Dr Khinvraj Jangid is Director of the Centre for Israel Studies at Jindal School of International Affairs, OP... Read more > October 2020

The Soldiers are Still Talking

By Tal Kra-Oz
Soldiers' Talk: Protective Edge (2019) is a set of interviews with those who served in Gaza in 2014.... Read more > June 2020

Why the world needs to worry about the expiration of the Iran arms embargo in October 2020

By Ezra Friedman
Ezra Friedman warns that the expiration of the Iran arms embargo in October 2020 will allow Iran not... Read more > April 2020

Fraternal Enemies: Israel and the Gulf Monarchies | An interview with Clive Jones

By Clive Jones
Fraternal Enemies: Israel and the Gulf Monarchies by Clive Jones and Yoel Guzansky is a revealing history of the complex and... Read more > March 2020

Arab Council Takes Aim at Arab Laws Banning Contact with Israeli Citizens: an interview with Mostafa El-Dessouki

By Mostafa El-Dessouki
At a watershed event in London last November, 32 prominent civil society figures from 15 Arab countries publicly... Read more > March 2020

Israel and the Soleimani assassination

By Yossi Alpher
In 1979, as the Mossad’s chief Iran analyst, Yossi Alpher discussed with the head of Mossad a request... Read more > March 2020

‘The fight against ISIS was successful, but not on a strategic level’| An interview with Seth Frantzman, author of After...

By Seth Frantzman
Seth Frantzman’s new book, After ISIS: America, Iran and the Struggle for the Middle East, based on his... Read more > January 2020

Gas and foreign policy: how Israel is leveraging energy to stabilise the region and advance geostrategic objectives

By Ezra Friedman
Ezra Friedman writes that the discovery of gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean has given Israel, long perceived... Read more > December 2019

Thucydides Goes to Washington: an interview with Michael Doran about US Grand Strategy in the Middle East

By Michael Doran
Michael Doran is a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC. specialising in Middle East security... Read more > November 2019

Why Israel’s year of elections has left a foreign policy hangover

By Joshua Krasna
Joshua Krasna is a Senior Fellow in the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Programme on the Middle East and a... Read more > October 2019

The UK in the Middle East (3) | Emman al-Badawy on UK strategy and the region’s youth quake

By Dr Emman El-Badawy
On 2 July 2019 the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) organised a one-day conference to explore UK strategy... Read more > July 2019

UK Strategy in the Middle East (2) | Toby Greene on why populisms of left and right will prevent the...

By Toby Greene
On 2 July 2019 the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in collaboration with the Britain Israel Communications and... Read more > July 2019

UK Strategy in the Middle East (1) | Alistair Burt on the UK’s regional role: is policy fit for purpose?

By Alistair Burt MP
On 2 July 2019 the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) organised a one-day conference to explore UK strategy... Read more > July 2019

Israel and the ‘Crisis of the Arabs’ | an interview with Asher Susser

By Asher Susser
Professor Asher Susser spoke with Fathom Deputy Editor Samuel Nurding on the eve of the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty... Read more > June 2019

As economic crisis worsens, Iran threatens to reactivate nuclear programme

By Yaakov Lappin
In this essay, military and strategic affairs analyst Yaakov Lappin analyses the rationale behind the US ‘maximum pressure’ campaign,... Read more > June 2019

Book Review | The Great Betrayal: How America abandoned the Kurds and lost the Middle East

By Paul Iddon
The thesis of David E. Philips’ book The Great Betrayal: How America Abandoned The Kurds And Lost The... Read more > June 2019

Book Review | Temperature Rising: Iran's Revolutionary Guards and Wars in the Middle East

By Paul Iddon
Nader Uskowi opens his first book, a concise but definitive account of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' (IRGC)... Read more > April 2019

Critical Reflections on the Trump Peace Plan | A conversation with Dennis Ross and David Makovsky

By Dennis Ross and David Makovsky
In late February, David Makovsky and Dennis Ross spoke at a BICOM/RUSI event in London about their upcoming... Read more > April 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | What should be the priorities for the new government?

By Yossi Kuperwasser
Yossi Kuperwasser argues that whoever forms the next government should adopt a 'Yes, but' response to the expected... Read more > April 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | Towards a consensus on National Security issues?

By Jonathan Spyer
To what extent is the current Israeli election campaign dominated by national security issues, as has historically been... Read more > March 2019

Thriving in Adversity: the past and future of Kurdistan in Iraq

By Gary Kent
Combining clear-eyed political analysis with moving reportage, Gary Kent offers a comprehensive survey of both the multiple crises... Read more > February 2019

‘There is a window of opportunity to resolve our conflict with the Palestinians’: an interview with former Mossad Director-General Shabtai...

By Shabtai Shavit
Since 2013, Professor Cohen-Almagor has been conducting a comprehensive research project whose aim is to provide a detailed... Read more > January 2019

Book Review | Sinjar: 14 Days that Saved the Yazidis from Islamic State

By Paul Iddon
Download a PDF version here. Susan Shand’s book is a moving account of the Islamic State’s (ISIS) genocide... Read more > January 2019

Four strategic threats on Israel’s radar | a special briefing by former IDF intelligence head Amos Yadlin

By Amos Yadlin
Speaking at a private forum in late 2018, Director of the Institute for National Security Studies, Maj. Gen.... Read more > January 2019

‘The War Between Wars’: Israel vs Iran in Syria

By Yaakov Lappin
Yaakov Lappin is a Research Associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, and a military correspondent. In... Read more > october 2018

Israel70 | A Light Unto The Nations Once More? The renaissance in Israel’s international development assistance programme

By Aliza Inbal and Ophelie Namiech
Israel was once a world leader in development assistance and a model for African states to follow. There... Read more > July 2018

Israel70 | Innovation: Africa

By Sivan Ya'ari
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has visited African three times in the last 18 months, with the continent... Read more > July 2018

Where next for the Iran nuclear deal? A view from Israel

By Michael Herzog
Since the US withdrew from the JCPOA nuclear agreement in May, the other signatories have embarked on intensive negotiations... Read more > July 2018