7 October and the Alt-Media: a critical examination

By John Ware
For Jews everywhere – not just Israelis – the denial that Hamas committed atrocities on 7 October has... Read more > July 2024

‘Zionists have no right to cultural safety’: The Australian BDS movement’s transition from racist ‘anti-Zionism’ to xenophobic anti-Semitism

By Philip Mendes
Philip Mendes is Director of the Social Inclusion and Social Policy Research Unit in the Department of Social... Read more > June 2024

‘Little Short of Lunatics’: Post-Trotsky Trotskyism and the Radical Left’s Degenerate Response to 7 October

By Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson is the editor of Fathom. This chapter was first published in Responses to 7 October: Antisemitic... Read more > June 2024

Israel, Gaza and the Holocaust: the growing online discourse of ‘competitive martyrology’

By Alexis Chapelan and Matthias J. Becker
Alexis Chapelan and Matthias J. Becker of the Decoding Antisemitism project show how commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day... Read more > June 2024

Infection and Addiction: Metaphors for Antisemitism

By Eve Garrard
Eve Garrard argues we can learn something of value about contemporary antisemitism from the use of two metaphors.... Read more > June 2024

Book Extract | Everyday Hate: How antisemitism is built into our world – and how you can change it

By Dave Rich
This is the preface of Everyday Hate by Dave Rich, published by Biteback. On the morning of 7... Read more > May 2024

Opinion | Hamas as a Millennial Movement

By Richard Landes
Richard Landes is a medievalist and historian of apocalyptic movements. He is author of Heaven on Earth: The... Read more > May 2024

American Jewish Anti-Zionist Diasporism: A Critique

By Elliott Abrams
Elliott Abrams casts a sharply critical eye over the American Jewish anti-Zionism and diasporism of Peter Beinart, Naomi... Read more > May 2024

Fathom Long Read: A Progressive Pogrom – Of Shani Louk, Jean Améry, and the anti-Zionist left

By Jack Omer-Jackaman
In this Fathom long read, in the wake of the return of Shani Louk’s body to Israel, Deputy... Read more > May 2024

Opinion | Is It Time to Leave? The Resurgence of Antisemitism in the Modern World

By Shalom Lappin
Shalom Lappin is the author of The New Antisemitism: The Resurgence of an Ancient Hatred in the Modern... Read more > May 2024

Opinion | From Little Rock to Columbia

By Ari Allyn-Feuer
Ari Allyn-Feuer argues we are shrinking from the gravity of the situation: a violent mob is once again... Read more > May 2024

From Stalin to Hamas: The Return of the Left that Doesn't Learn? | An Interview with Mitchell Cohen

By Mitchell Cohen
Mitchell Cohen is co-editor emeritus of Dissent in New York and professor emeritus of political science at Bernard... Read more > April 2024

Book Review | Israel’s War on Gaza

By Barry Finger
It turns out that Dara Horn was overly generous in her concession that ‘People Love Dead Jews.’ The... Read more > February 2024

Faculty for Academic Freedom and Against Antisemitism: Mission Statement and Background Information

By Cary Nelson and Brett Kaufman
‘Faculty for Justice in Palestine’, has been formed and is growing fast on campuses in the US. Cary... Read more > February 2024

Antizionism at the Modern Language Association

By Cary Nelson
After nearly two decades of trying, on 6 January the Modern Language Association’s annual meeting finally succeeded in... Read more > February 2024

Universities in Crisis | What three American University Presidents should have said to the US Congress about campus antisemitism

By Cary Nelson
Cary Nelson is emeritus professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His Hate Speech and Academic Freedom... Read more > January 2024

Opinion | ‘From the River to the Sea’ is the Postmodern ‘Hep! Hep!’

By Aviva Winton
‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ is a new attempt to deny any Jewish... Read more > January 2024

Fathom Long Read | Political Antisemitism Explained

By Bernard Harrison
Bernard Harrison’s book Blaming the Jews: Politics and Delusion (Indiana University Press, 2020) is, we believe, a vital... Read more > November 2023

Opinion | The Paradigm Shift of 7 October and a Plan for the Jewish Future

By Sara Hirschhorn
‘What have we learned since 7 October?’, asks Sara Hirschhorn. Her reply: that the West is being lost... Read more > November 2023

Archive | Intellectual Incitement: The Anti-Zionist Ideology and the Anti-Zionist Subject (2015)

By Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson – @Fathom_Journal – is the editor of Fathom. He published this chapter in 2015 in The... Read more > October 2023

‘Progressives’ and the Hamas Pogrom: An A-Z Guide

By Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson – @Fathom_Journal – is the editor of Fathom and editor of Mapping the New Left Antisemitism:... Read more > October 2023

Fathom Collection Published by Routledge Press

By Fathom Editors
Mapping the New Left Antisemitism: The Fathom Essays provides a comprehensive guide to contemporary Left antisemitism. The rise of... Read more > September 2023

The ‘Institute for the Critical Study of Zionism’: A New Stage in the Degradation of the American University

By Cary Nelson et al
The members of the Alliance for Academic Freedom Executive Committee – Cary Nelson (Chair), Susana Cavallo, David Greenberg,... Read more > September 2023

Rewriting the History of the Corbyn Years (Part 3): Agenda Broadcasting from Al Jazeera’s The Labour Files

By John Ware
John Ware was the reporter for the 2019 BBC Panorama documentary Is Labour Antisemitic? In Part 1 of... Read more > September 2023

‘Apartheid’: An Open Letter to Benjamin Pogrund

By Salo Aizenberg
Benjamin Pogrund was deputy editor of the Rand Daily Mail in Johannesburg, closed down because of its stand... Read more > September 2023

Rewriting the History of the Corbyn Years (Part 2): Agenda Journalism in Asa Winstanley’s book Weaponising Anti-Semitism

By John Ware
John Ware was the reporter for the 2019 BBC Panorama documentary Is Labour Antisemitic? In Part 1 of... Read more > September 2023

The Peculiar Afterlife of Abram Leon

By Kathleen Hayes
Kathleen Hayes argues that Abram Leon, author of The Jewish Question: A Marxist Interpretation, murdered by the Nazis... Read more > September 2023

Opinion | Why Is a Leading Think Tank Promoting Misleading Opinion Polls About Israel?

By Alexandra Fishman and Max Samarov
Alexandra Fishman and Max Samarov take issue with what they see as ‘leading’ questions used in a recent... Read more > September 2023

The Democratic Socialists of America just endorsed ethnic murder

By Ari Allyn-Feuer
The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest left-wing organisation in the United States and a prominent... Read more > July 2023

Fathoming the Intellectual Revolution of our Times | The Disorientations of Lethal Journalism: On Western Media and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

By Richard Landes
Richard Landes is a historian who taught at Boston University. His work focuses on apocalyptic beliefs at the... Read more > May 2023

Patterns of Antisemitism in Mainstream Media Comment Threads. Case Studies of the UK, France and Germany

By Karolina Placzynta
Karolina Placzynta is a researcher for the Decoding Antisemitism project at the Centre for Research on Antisemitism, Technical... Read more > April 2023

Lara Sheehi’s Joyous Rage: Antisemitic Anti-Zionism, Advocacy Academia and Jewish Students’ Nightmares at GWU

By Cary Nelson
Fathom Editor’s Introductory Note. Sometimes it is hard to know what is the more alarming: the state of... Read more > April 2023

Book Review | Kreisky, Israel, and Jewish Identity

By Liam Hoare
On 28 September 1973, two Palestinian terrorists from the Syrian Ba’athist faction As-Sa'iqa hijacked a train near Marchegg... Read more > February 2023

Book Review | British Trade Unions, the Labour Party, and Israel’s Histadrut

By Luke Akehurst
Ronnie Fraser has been bravely fighting a sometimes lonely battle against antisemitism and anti-Zionism in the British trade... Read more > February 2023

The Annual Fathom Lecture 2022 | Why we should all be Zionists if we want peace

By Einat Wilf
On 7 December 2022, in celebration of its 10th birthday, Fathom invited Einat Wilf to deliver the inaugural... Read more > December 2022

Yet again, the Courts find for John Ware and his BBC Panorama documentary 'Is Labour Antisemitic?'

By John Ware
Documentary maker John Ware explains why he has brought three successful court cases against those who he believed... Read more > December 2022

Book Review | Woke Antisemitism: How a Progressive Ideology Harms Jews

By Kathleen Hayes
This is a very important book. Over the last decade or so, a sweeping ideology that looks much... Read more > November 2022

‘The Jews Are Guilty’: Christian Antisemitism in Contemporary America

By Alvin Rosenfeld
Alvin Rosenfeld holds the Irving M. Glazer Chair in Jewish Studies at Indiana University and is the Director... Read more > November 2022

The Lust Libel: Sexual Antisemitism in History and Contemporary Culture

By Jonah Cohen
Antisemites have long depicted the Jews as a perverse, predatory, and pornographic people; horny vampires of the Orient. That... Read more > November 2022

Diary | The inaugural conference of the London Centre for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism

By Kathleen Hayes
Kathleen Hayes is the author of the Fathom articles ‘Antisemitism and the Left: A Memoir’ and ‘“Punch a... Read more > September 2022