Opinion | Is It Time to Leave? The Resurgence of Antisemitism in the Modern World

By Shalom Lappin
Shalom Lappin is the author of The New Antisemitism: The Resurgence of an Ancient Hatred in the Modern... Read more > May 2024

Podcast: Understanding Hamas

In this podcast from BICOM, Richard Pater speaks to Jacky Hugi, an expert on regional affairs. Hugi analyses... Read more > May 2024

The meaning of Israeli Independence Day after 7 October

By Toby Greene
The following is a slightly edited version of remarks given by Toby Greene at the Yom Ha’atzmaut &... Read more > May 2024

Opinion | From Little Rock to Columbia

By Ari Allyn-Feuer
Ari Allyn-Feuer argues we are shrinking from the gravity of the situation: a violent mob is once again... Read more > May 2024

‘None of the options are good, but if you don’t want Hamas or endless Israeli occupation, you need something else’:...

By Toby Greene
Fathom speaks to Toby Greene about two articles co-authored with Professor Jonathan Rynhold and dealing with the political... Read more > May 2024

Those Who Tried: Conversations with the Peace Processors | Episode 2: ‘Arafat could never end the conflict… his identity was...

By Dennis Ross
In the second episode of the Fathom series ‘Those who tried: Conversations with the Peace Processors’, Ambassador Dennis... Read more > April 2024

Is Hamas Winning? An Interview with Michael Doran

By Michael Doran
Michael Doran is the Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Peace and Security in the Middle... Read more > April 2024

From Stalin to Hamas: The Return of the Left that Doesn't Learn? | An Interview with Mitchell Cohen

By Mitchell Cohen
Mitchell Cohen is co-editor emeritus of Dissent in New York and professor emeritus of political science at Bernard... Read more > April 2024

Opinion | As government institutions fail in Israel and Palestine, civil society organisations are working tirelessly to sustain their communities

By John Lyndon
John Lyndon is CEO of the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP). The news of a devastating IDF... Read more > April 2024

Diary from Jerusalem | Calev Ben-Dor

By Calev Ben-Dor
Deputy Editor of Fathom Calev Ben-Dor shares reflections from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv as Israel marks 6 months... Read more > April 2024

‘We can have a debate about whether Hamas did the right thing’: Judith Butler’s Moral Relativism

By Cary Nelson
Academic Judith Butler’s evolving responses to 7 October are critically examined by Cary Nelson.   When Judith Butler expressed... Read more > March 2024

Opinion | Yes to recognising a Palestinian state now

By Jack Omer-Jackaman
Fathom Deputy Editor Jack Omer-Jackaman, writing in a personal capacity, argues in favour of the US unilaterally recognising... Read more > March 2024

Those Who Tried: Conversations with the Peace Processors | Episode 1: ‘Focus on institution-building not dramatic diplomatic breakthroughs’: A Conversation...

By Elliott Abrams
This new Fathom podcast series is called Those Who Tried: Conversations with the Peace Processors. We will seek... Read more > March 2024

Statistically Impossible: A Critical Analysis of Hamas’s Women and Children Casualty Figures

By Tom Simpson, Lewi Stone and Gregory Rose
How reliable are the casualty figures issued by the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry? The answer offered in this... Read more > March 2024

‘Reactionary Anti-Imperialism’ as the new Totalitarian Temptation, from Foucault to 7 October

By Karl-Markus Gauß
Karl-Markus Gauß is editor in chief of the literary magazine Literatur und Kritik. This article first appeared in... Read more > March 2024

The Peace Process, Past and Future: An Insider’s Reflections and Advice

By Yair Hirschfeld
Yair Hirschfeld was one of two Israeli academics (alongside the late Ron Pundak) who began unofficial and secret... Read more > March 2024

‘Eat Their Skulls’: The Pleasures of Antisemitism, revisited after 7 October

By Eve Garrard
Eve Garrard’s 2013 'The Pleasures of Antisemitism', argued that not merely cognitive errors but also deep emotional satisfactions... Read more > February 2024

After the Pogrom: An Australian Journalist Reflects

By Michael Gawenda
Australian journalist Michael Gawenda reflects on tensions on the Australian Jewish left through the prism of 7 October.... Read more > February 2024

Book Review | Israel’s War on Gaza

By Barry Finger
It turns out that Dara Horn was overly generous in her concession that ‘People Love Dead Jews.’ The... Read more > February 2024

‘No solidarity with the victims and hostages, no word of empathy’: Reactions from European club culture to the Supernova Festival...

By Tanja Ehmann
Tanja Ehmann asks why, despite the massacre at the Supernova music festival, parts of the European club culture... Read more > February 2024

Post-Bibi: Aligning two-state hopes with Israeli fears after 7 October

By Michael Rubin
After 7 October the idea that any Palestinian actor can be trusted to control territory on Israel’s borders... Read more > February 2024

Opinion | Saudi normalisation now. A Palestinian state later

By Paul Gross
With reports suggesting the Biden White House is considering unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state, Paul Gross argues... Read more > February 2024

Progressive except for Jews (PEJs): The Australian Greens and the 7 October Hamas Death Squad Massacre

By Philip Mendes
Following 7 October the Greens were the only Australian political party that refused to support a federal parliamentary... Read more > February 2024

Denying 7 October: The Case of Former ANC Minister Ronnie Kasrils

By David Benatar
David Benatar is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He examines the... Read more > February 2024

“Even Jews themselves often hear about Zionism through its detractors” | Fathom Interview: Einat Wilf

By Einat Wilf
On 22 January 2024, Fathom Deputy Editors Jack Omer-Jackaman and Calev Ben-Dor interviewed Einat Wilf. They discussed Wilf's... Read more > February 2024

"We didn't understand Hamas at all" | Fathom Interview: Michael Milshtein

By Michael Milshtein
On 25 January 2024, Fathom Deputy Editors Calev Ben-Dor and Jack Omer-Jackaman interviewed Michael Milshtein, a leading expert... Read more > February 2024

Peacebuilding Special Issue | A Multilateral and Bottom-Up Approach to End the Israeli-Palestinian Tragedy

By John Lyndon
John Lyndon is the CEO of the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP). Since 7 October, violence and... Read more > January 2024

Peacebuilding Special Issue | Reconstruction and Renewal in Gaza, Two Scenarios

By Kamal Mashharawi
Kamal Mashharawi is a Palestinian entrepreneur and peace activist from Gaza. He has written previously about his and... Read more > Article January 2024

Peacebuilding Special Issue | Why it's time for the UK to lead multilateral support for Israeli-Palestinian civil society peacebuilding

By Rachael Liss
Rachael Liss is the European Policy and Development Coordinator for ALLMEP, working on the design and implementation of ALLMEP's European and... Read more > January 2024

Peacebuilding Special Issue | Standing Together is forging Jewish-Palestinian solidarity for peace

By Dina Kraft
Journalist Dina Kraft profiles Standing Together activist Sally Abed who argues ‘peace is a very, very radical word.... Read more > January 2024

Peacebuilding Special Issue | “Groundwork” Podcasts: "Echoes of Home" and "Two States, One Homeland"

By Fathom Editors
Here, as part of our special Issue dedicated to the work of the Alliance for Middle East Peace... Read more > January 2024

Peacebuilding Special Issue | Interview: Givat Haviva

By Mohammad Darawshe and Michal Sela
Fathom deputy editor Jack Omer-Jackaman speaks to Mohammad Darawshe and Michal Sela of Givat Haviva, an Israeli civil... Read more > January 2024

Peacebuilding Special Issue | Interview: Arava Institute for Environmental Studies

By Tareq Abu Hamed and Eliza Mayo
Fathom deputy editor Jack Omer-Jackaman speaks with Tareq Abu Hamed and Eliza Mayo of the Arava Institute for... Read more > January 2024

Peacebuilding Special Issue | How my Israeli and Palestinian friends want you to talk about them

By Avi Meyerstein
Avi Meyerstein is the founder and president of the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP). Should we talk about... Read more > January 2024

Peacebuilding Special Issue | Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: The Intersection of Youth, Political Engagement, and Intergenerational Responsibility

By Wasim Almasri
Wasim Almasri is the Director of Programs for the Alliance of Middle East Peace (ALLMEP), a coalition of... Read more > January 2024

Universities in Crisis | What three American University Presidents should have said to the US Congress about campus antisemitism

By Cary Nelson
Cary Nelson is emeritus professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His Hate Speech and Academic Freedom... Read more > January 2024

Opinion | ‘From the River to the Sea’ is the Postmodern ‘Hep! Hep!’

By Aviva Winton
‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ is a new attempt to deny any Jewish... Read more > January 2024

Poem | October | by Adi Keissar

By Adi Keissar
In 2018, Fathom interviewed Adi Keissar, an Israeli poet of Yeminite descent and founder of Ars Poetica, a... Read more > December 2023

Gaza After Hamas | ‘The idea of Hamas will remain in place as long as the Palestinian issue burns heavy...

By Gershon Baskin
Fathom editors Alan Johnson and Jack Omer-Jackaman speak to renowned writer and peace activist Gershon Baskin. They discuss... Read more > December 2023

‘I had never witnessed such barbarism before’: Major ‘F’ and the Battle of Holit

By Suzan Quitaz
Suzan Quitaz is a journalist at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, having worked previously at the Qatari News... Read more > December 2023