Understanding the recent terror attacks in Israel

By Ely Karmon
On 4 April deputy editor Samuel Nurding spoke with Dr Ely Karmon about the recent terrorist attacks in... Read more > April 2022

After ISIS Symposium: What is the scale of the threat to the UK from returning Jihadis? | David Wells

By David Wells
Editorial Introduction to the Symposium: In this symposium, six experts – Kyle Orton, Aymenn al-Tamimi, Craig Whiteside, David... Read more > Autumn 2017

Returning Jihadis: A Generational Threat

By Peter Neumann
Professor Peter Neumann’s new book Radicalised: New Jihadists and the Threat to the West, has been described as... Read more > Autumn 2016

Shiraz Maher | Mapping contemporary Salafi-Jihadism

By Shiraz Maher
Shiraz Maher is the author of Salafi-Jihadism: The History of an Idea (Hurst, 2016) and Deputy Director at... Read more > Summer 2016

Fathom Review 2015

By Fathom Editors
Preface by Anthony Julius Fathom exists to fathom Israel's complexities. It engages with a troubling characteristic of much... Read more > Autumn 2015

What Palestinian terrorists write on Facebook

By Elhanan Miller
As the British government’s recently launched counter-extremism strategy acknowledges the role of social media in spreading hate, Elhanan... Read more > Summer 2015

JN-BICOM 2015 Conference: Discussion on radicalisation

A panel discussion on radicalisation at the UK/Israel Shared Strategic Challenges Conference. Participants were: Charles Farr (Director of the Office for... Read more > Summer 2015

The resurgence of neo-traditionalism

By Asher Susser
Asher Susser explains the resurgence of tradition throughout the region and its political consequences  for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.... Read more > Winter 2015

Israel, Europe and the converging terror threat

By Amichai Magen
Dr. Amichai Magen maps the increasing interconnectedness of the Islamist terror threats faced by Europe and Israel, and... Read more > Winter 2015