The Era of Responsibility is over | an interview with Nadav Eyal on the Revolt against Globalisation

By Nadav Eyal
Nadav Eyal is the International Correspondent for Israel's Reshet News, Op-Ed contributor for Yedioth Ahronoth, and author of... Read more > February 2019

Israel70 | Democracy against all odds, or at odds with democracy?

By Yohanan Plesner
Yochanan Plesner, President of the Israel Democracy Institute, argues that in order for Israel to secure a democratic... Read more > March 2018

How the World Turned Against Israel: an interview with Joshua Muravchik

By Joshua Muravchik
Israel was once the plucky underdog supported by Western public opinion, Left and Right. Today, it is the... Read more > Autumn 2014

Book Review: Menachem Begin: A Life

By Steven J. Zipperstein
'Had there been telephones back then,’ recalled a close aide years later, ‘Begin would never have survived his... Read more > Autumn 2013

Book Review: Moses Mendelssohn

By Robert Fine
Shmuel Feiner’s fine biography of Moses Mendelssohn shows us just how radical was the very ‘German’ moderation of... Read more > Summer 2013

Alibi Antisemitism

By Norman Geras
Israel has been made an alibi for a new climate of antisemitism on the left. In Marx’s essay... Read more > Spring 2013

The Future of Liberal Zionism: An Interview with Michael Walzer

By Michael Walzer
Michael Walzer is one of America’s foremost political thinkers. A professor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study... Read more > Winter 2013