Book Review | After ISIS: America, Iran and the Struggle for the Middle East

By Brandon Marlon
We’ve encountered the toponyms repeatedly in the headlines: Sinjar. Raqqa. Kirkuk. Kobane. Baghuz. But we’ve done so from... Read more > December 2019

Thucydides Goes to Washington: an interview with Michael Doran about US Grand Strategy in the Middle East

By Michael Doran
Michael Doran is a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC. specialising in Middle East security... Read more > November 2019

Obama, Trump and the collapse of the American position in the Middle East

By Kyle Orton
The disastrous foreign policies of two presidents are bringing about the collapse of America’s position in the Middle... Read more > November 2019

Thriving in Adversity: the past and future of Kurdistan in Iraq

By Gary Kent
Combining clear-eyed political analysis with moving reportage, Gary Kent offers a comprehensive survey of both the multiple crises... Read more > February 2019

Book Review | Sinjar: 14 Days that Saved the Yazidis from Islamic State

By Paul Iddon
Download a PDF version here. Susan Shand’s book is a moving account of the Islamic State’s (ISIS) genocide... Read more > January 2019

Mosul: after ISIS, what next?

By Seth Frantzman
Mosul has suffered three jihadist takeovers since 2004. In a detailed mapping of the conflict and its actors,... Read more > Winter 2016

Six steps to defeat ISIS

By Giora Eiland
Giora Eiland spoke to Fathom about six steps the coalition must take to defeat ISIS: cooperating with Russia,... Read more > Autumn 2015

IS and the incoherence of Western policy

By Jonathan Spyer
The West wants to destroy IS but it has neither allies on the ground nor a grasp of... Read more > Autumn 2014