Book Review | Self-Determination, Statehood and the Law of Negotiation: The Case of Palestine

By John Strawson
Robert Barnidge’s important book seeks to persuade us to view the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the prism of what... Read more > December 2018

Israel70 | ‘Israel is divided over what destination to put into our national GPS’: an interview with Tzipi Livni

By Tzipi Livni
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2017 Fathom Interview with Naftali Bennett

By Naftali Bennett
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The Suez Crisis and the Jews of Egypt

By Lyn Julius
‘There are few greater injustices than to say about something that happened, that it did not happen’ wrote... Read more > Autumn 2017

Balfour 100 | British policy in Palestine 1917–1925

By James Sorene
Despite issuing the Balfour Declaration in 1917 and subsequently obtaining the Mandate for Palestine from the League of... Read more > Summer 2017

Balfour 100 | The world of our founders: being Jewish in Palestine after Balfour

By Donna Robinson Divine
Donna Robinson Divine argues that the Zionist nation-building story, while inspiring, does not reflect the trials, pains and... Read more > Summer 2017

Book Review | A Political Theory for the Jewish People

By Nahshon Perez
A Political Theory for the Jewish People is a fascinating book, offering a rich and nuanced discussion of... Read more > Spring 2017

Debating Israel’s Identity

By Ruth Gavison
Ruth Gavison is Professor Emerita, holding the Haim H. Cohn Chair of Human Rights, in the Faculty of... Read more > Winter 2016