Reading Hannah Arendt’s 'On Violence' in Israel

By Sarit Larry
In this thought-provoking essay, Sarit Larry examines Israel's discourse of 'security' through the prism of Hannah Arendt’s seminal essay... Read more > November 2018

Minding the gaps, connecting the dots: Seven steps towards a feminist funding eco-system in Israel

By Hamutal Gouri
Feminism aims to understand the root causes of gender inequality and its intersection with the other dimensions of... Read more > october 2018

Feminism in Israel | Contesting social exclusion in Israel

By Michal Gera Margaliot and Miriam Zalkind
In this in-depth interview with Fathom deputy editor Calev Ben-Dor, the leaders of the Israel Women’s Network raise... Read more > February 2018

Feminism in Israel | Anti-Feminism and Anti-Zionism

By Einat Wilf
The shared histories of feminism and Zionism Feminism and Zionism are cut from the same cloth. Both movements... Read more > February 2018

Feminism in Israel | Haredi Feminism: an interview with Pnina Pfeuffer

By Pnina Pfeuffer
Pnina Pfeuffer is a leading figure in Haredi feminism and a regular columnist for Ha’aretz, Jerusalem Post, and... Read more > February 2018

Feminism in Israel | Authoritarian governance and Islamist ideology versus women's rights: an interview with Elham Manea

By Elham Manea
Dr. Elham Manea is the author of The Arab State and Women’s Rights: The Trap of Authoritarian Governance... Read more > February 2018

Feminism in Israel | Feminism and Israeli-Palestinian Peace: an interview with Sarai Aharoni

By Sarai Aharoni
Sarai Aharoni is Assistant Professor at the Gender Studies Programme, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and one of... Read more > February 2018

Feminism in Israel | ‘Pious men and dangerous women’: sex-segregation as a threat to women’s equality in Israel - an...

By Yofi Tirosh
Dr Yofi Tirosh is angry that she is still devoting ‘most of my time, energy, rage and despair... Read more > February 2018

Book Review: Emma Goldman: Revolution as a Way of Life

By Peter Ryley
The inclusion of the anarchist Emma Goldman in the Yale University Press Jewish Lives series is to be... Read more > Winter 2014