The Three Best Recent Books on the Yishuv during the British Mandate, recommended by Donna Robinson Divine

By Donna Robinson Divine
Fathom has been inviting exerts to select their three favourite books about their subject. See Sara Hirschhorn on... Read more > February 2022

Fathom eBook | Essays on the British Mandate in Palestine, 1920-1948

By Fathom Editors
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Mandate100 | The ‘Antisemite Ernest Bevin’ and the day Britain recognised the State of Israel

By Ronnie Fraser
Ronnie Fraser was working in the Israel State archives when he came across a lengthy and confidential document... Read more > July 2020

Mandate100 | Palestinians and the Partition Plan

By Mustafa Kabha
The editors thank Bloomsbury Academic (US), an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Inc., for permission to reprint this chapter, a... Read more > July 2020

Mandate100 | ‘A dangerous people to quarrel with’: Lloyd George’s Secret Testimony to the Peel Commission Revealed

By Oren Kessler
Oren Kessler reveals the secret 1937 testimony given by David Lloyd George to the Palestine Royal Commission. Lloyd... Read more > July 2020

Mandate 100 | ‘Negating the Diaspora’? Theory and Practice in Yishuv-Diaspora Relations during the Mandate

By Donna Robinson Divine
Donna Robinson Divine was the President of the Association for Israel Studies. In this careful and empathic account of... Read more > May 2020

Book Review | A State At Any Cost: The Life of David Ben-Gurion

By Azriel Bermant
In a recent interview with Fathom, Tom Segev, the distinguished journalist and historian and author of A State... Read more > April 2020

Mandate100 | ‘Neither a Jewish State nor an Arab State’: How Zionist Bi-Nationalism Tried and Failed to Change the Face...

By Ben Reiff
In a penetrating study that draws on extensive archival research Ben Reiff asks why the small but vociferous... Read more > April 2020

Mandate100| 1920: A Pivotal Year Reexamined

By Yisrael Medad
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Mandate100 | ‘A Clean Cut’ for Palestine: The Peel Commission Reexamined

By Oren Kessler
In this fascinating dive into the archives Oren Kessler reveals the dramatic exchanges that shaped Lord Peel’s 1936... Read more > March 2020

Book Review | Legacy of Empire: Britain, Zionism and the Creation of Israel

By Bruce Maddy-Weitzman
A better title for this book would have been Original Sin: Britain’s Embrace of the Zionist Movement. In... Read more > October 2019

Balfour 100 | 'Weizmann corralled the British government behind the Zionist movement': an interview with Jonathan Schneer

By Jonathan Schneer
Jonathan Schneer’s book The Balfour Declaration: The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict was praised by Simon Sebag Montefiore... Read more > Autumn 2017

Book Review | The Guardians: The League of Nations and the Crisis of Empire

By Bruce Maddy-Weitzman
A book about the League of Nations, let alone one of its little known subsections, the Permanent Mandates... Read more > Autumn 2017

Balfour 100 | Christian Zionism and the Balfour Declaration

By Gershon Shafir
Gershon Shafir argues that British Christian Zionism pre-dated practical Jewish Zionism and helped to ensure that, by the... Read more > Autumn 2017

Balfour 100 | British policy in Palestine 1917–1925

By James Sorene
Despite issuing the Balfour Declaration in 1917 and subsequently obtaining the Mandate for Palestine from the League of... Read more > Summer 2017

Balfour 100 | The world of our founders: being Jewish in Palestine after Balfour

By Donna Robinson Divine
Donna Robinson Divine argues that the Zionist nation-building story, while inspiring, does not reflect the trials, pains and... Read more > Summer 2017