Book Review | Days of the Fall: A Reporter's Journey in the Syria and Iraq Wars

By Michael Stephens
An eye witness to some of the most violent episodes in the history of both Iraq and Syria,... Read more > June 2018

The space between the Iraq-Iran border and the Mediterranean Sea today constitutes a single arena of conflict, by Jonathan Spyer

By Jonathan Spyer
Jonathan Spyer is a fellow at the Middle East Forum and a freelance security analyst and correspondent for... Read more > February 2018

Book Review | The Shell

By Kyle Orton
In Syria, the West has been keen not to repeat the mistakes of Iraq — defined as being... Read more > Summer 2017

JN-BICOM 2015 Conference: Collapse of Arab states and the rise of ISIL

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JN-BICOM Conference: Discussion on Iran

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IS and the incoherence of Western policy

By Jonathan Spyer
The West wants to destroy IS but it has neither allies on the ground nor a grasp of... Read more > Autumn 2014

Why we keep getting the Middle East wrong

By Mordechai Kedar
Dr Mordechai Kedar spoke to a Fathom Forum in London in September 2014 about why so many Western... Read more > Autumn 2014

Disaster in the Levant: the Syrian Civil War in its fourth year

By Jonathan Spyer
Jonathan Spyer is one of the few policy experts to regularly visit the front lines in Syria. In... Read more > Spring 2014