‘Israel needs social cohesion as well as nanotechnology’: an interview with Mike Prashker

By Mike Prashker
While Israel was never the harmonious campfire of legend, it is now an extremely crowded, contested and combustible... Read more > October 2018

Moving toward a new paradigm together? An Israeli responds to Hussein Agha

By Edward Rettig
In this cautiously hopeful response to Hussein Agha’s Fathom interview, Israeli Edward Rettig argues that his analysis of... Read more > October 2018

‘With every day that passes, we seem to be going further away from the values on which this country is...

By Alona Vinograd
Alona Vinograd is Director of the Center for Democratic Values and Institutions at the Israel Democracy Institute. Deputy... Read more > October 2018

David Grossman, the journalist

By Liam Hoare
Prizes have rained down on Israeli novelist David Grossman in recent years; the Israel Prize for literature in... Read more > october 2018

This is a conflict over narratives. Israel needs to tell ours to Palestinians.

By Yossi Klein Halevi
Yossi Klein Halevi is senior fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem and the author of the recent New York... Read more > october 2018

‘Ars Poetica was the explosion of me writing poetry’: an interview with Adi Keissar

By Adi Keissar
Haaretz called Adi Keissar the most influential poet working in Israel today. Her first book of poetry, Black... Read more > october 2018

Minding the gaps, connecting the dots: Seven steps towards a feminist funding eco-system in Israel

By Hamutal Gouri
Feminism aims to understand the root causes of gender inequality and its intersection with the other dimensions of... Read more > october 2018

‘The War Between Wars’: Israel vs Iran in Syria

By Yaakov Lappin
Yaakov Lappin is a Research Associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, and a military correspondent. In... Read more > october 2018

Trump’s cuts are dangerous for Israelis and Palestinians: an interview with Dave Harden

By Dave Harden
Dave Harden is managing director of the Georgetown Strategy Group. He has led USAID programmes in Yemen, Syria,... Read more > october 2018

Why UNRWA is an obstacle to two states for two peoples: an interview with Einat Wilf

By Einat Wilf
Einat Wilf is the co-author of The War of Return (with former Haaretz journalist Adi Schwartz). She talked to Fathom... Read more > october 2018

‘Understanding the Jews of the Middle East and North Africa is the key to understanding the whole Middle East conflict’:...

By Lyn Julius
Earlier this year Fathom’s Grant Goldberg interviewed Lyn Julius about her new book, Uprooted, which documents 3,000 years... Read more > october 2018