Fathom Long Read | Political Antisemitism Explained

By Bernard Harrison
Bernard Harrison’s book Blaming the Jews: Politics and Delusion (Indiana University Press, 2020) is, we believe, a vital... Read more > November 2023

Opinion | The Paradigm Shift of 7 October and a Plan for the Jewish Future

By Sara Hirschhorn
‘What have we learned since 7 October?’, asks Sara Hirschhorn. Her reply: that the West is being lost... Read more > November 2023

Book Review | In the Shadow of the Wall

By Alex Stein
A few years ago, I built a special tour for a group of Diaspora Jews who were in... Read more > November 2023

A False Sense of Security, Effective Shield or Morale Booster? Israel’s Missile Defence

By Azriel Bermant
Israel has established an integrated system spanning the entire country to address multiple threats, activating the different systems... Read more > November 2023

‘When Iran says “death to Israel”, it means precisely what we saw on 7 October’ | An Interview with Behnam...

By Behnam Ben Taleblu
Behnam Ben Taleblu, a native Farsi speaker, is a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defence of Democracies,... Read more > November 2023

“Israelis and Palestinians don’t fully recognise the trauma the other is living in right now” | Fathom Interview: John Lyndon

By John Lyndon
Fathom editors Alan Johnson and Jack Omer-Jackaman speak with John Lyndon, Executive Director of ALLMEP (The Alliance for... Read more > November 2023

“Hamas was expecting Hezbollah to follow… Hezbollah and the Iranians were planning to overwhelm Israel”| Fathom Interview: Hanin Ghaddar

By Hanin Ghaddar
Fathom editors Jack Omer-Jackaman and Calev Ben-Dor talk to Lebanon expert Hanin Ghaddar, Friedman Senior Fellow at the... Read more > November 2023

Gaza After Hamas: A Proposal for a Palestinian Future

By Solon Solomon
Solon Solomon is Assistant Professor at Brunel University London and former member of the Knesset Legal Department on... Read more > November 2023

"What makes the Palestinian predicament special is displacement, occupation and fragmentation – the outcome of their defeat in three Arab-Israeli...

By Shany Mor
Fathom editors Alan Johnson and Calev Ben Dor talk to Dr Shany Mor, lecturer in political thought at... Read more > Article November 2023

In Memory of Vivian Silver (1949-2023)

By Amal Elsana Alh’jooj
Vivian Silver was a universally admired Israeli peace activist who advocated for Palestinian rights. She was murdered by... Read more > November 2023

Universities in Crisis | Opinion: There is no academic freedom for Jewish faculty at the University of Toronto

By Stuart Kamenetsky
Stuart Kamenetsky is Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto Mississauga. His opinion piece ‘The University of... Read more > November 2023

Universities in Crisis | Open Letter to the Signatories of ‘Letter by media & communications scholars on British news media...

By Paul Frosh
Paul Frosh is a Professor in the Department of Communication and Journalism at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.... Read more > November 2023

Universities in Crisis | Glorifying Atrocities: The Case of Brown University

By David Litman
David M. Litman examines Brown University and its Center for Middle East Studies (CMES). After the Holocaust, many... Read more > November 2023

Universities in Crisis | The Professors and the Pogrom: How the theory of ‘Zionist Settler Colonialism’ reframed the 7 October...

By Derek Spitz
This essay seeks to register and understand the deeper causes of the appalling reaction of parts of the... Read more > November 2023

Universities in Crisis | ‘We need to reckon with how horrific liberation can be’: How Lara Sheehi Rationalised the Hamas...

By Cary Nelson
Cary Nelson argues that Lara Sheehi’s comments over recent weeks have provided a roadmap for rationalising the nightmare... Read more > November 2023

In Defence of the Jewish People: A Christian Priest Reflects on 7 October

By Revd Ray Gaston
Revd Ray Gaston has been involved in grassroots interfaith dialogue and action as an Anglican priest throughout his... Read more > November 2023

"What worries me most is the lack of a plan for the day after Hamas" | Fathom Interview: Dr Rob...

By Rob Geist Pinfold
Fathom Deputy Editors Jack Omer-Jackaman and Calev Ben-Dor talk to Dr Rob Geist Pinfold, Lecturer in Peace and... Read more > November 2023

‘The ISIS-ization of Hamas is a threat not only to Israel but to everyone’: Interview with IDF Lieutenant Colonel Avichay...

By Suzan Quitaz
Suzan Quitaz is a journalist at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, having worked previously at the Qatari... Read more > November 2023

Fathom Long Read | Lethal Journalism and the Pattern: Why the World Fell for Hamas’ Al Ahli Lie

By Richard Landes
Richard Landes is author of Can ‘The Whole World’ Be Wrong? Lethal Journalism, Antisemitism, and Global Jihad (2022)... Read more > November 2023

Opinion | Beyond the Carnage: Credo of a democratic Zionist

By Sam Shube
A member of Kibbutz Nir Am near Gaza, and outgoing executive Director of the Hagar Association which operates... Read more > November 2023

Celebrating Terror – new research indicates a radicalisation of antisemitic discourse about Israel online in the wake of the Hamas...

By Matthew Bolton
Matthew Bolton, of the Centre for Research on Antisemitism at Berlin‘s Technische Universität introduces the centre’s Decoding Antisemitism... Read more > November 2023

Book Review | Amos Oz: Writer, Activist, Icon

By Liam Hoare
At the time of another episode in the Israel-Hamas conflict, Operation Protective Edge in 2014, Amos Oz opened... Read more > November 2023

Human Rights Watch: Destructive Agenda, Token Balance

By Gerald M. Steinberg
Gerald M. Steinberg is emeritus professor of politics at Bar Ilan University and president of NGO Monitor. The... Read more > November 2023

Gaza After Hamas: How to Win the Peace

By Michael Rubin
Michael Rubin is Director of Labour Friends of Israel. He argues here for an urgent international plan for... Read more > November 2023