Soundtrack of my life in Israel – Part One

By Sarah Tuttle-Singer
Sarah Tuttle-Singer is the author of Jerusalem, Drawn and Quartered: One Woman's Year in the Heart of the... Read more > March 2024

‘We can have a debate about whether Hamas did the right thing’: Judith Butler’s Moral Relativism

By Cary Nelson
Academic Judith Butler’s evolving responses to 7 October are critically examined by Cary Nelson.   When Judith Butler expressed... Read more > March 2024

Opinion | Yes to recognising a Palestinian state now

By Jack Omer-Jackaman
Fathom Deputy Editor Jack Omer-Jackaman, writing in a personal capacity, argues in favour of the US unilaterally recognising... Read more > March 2024

Those Who Tried: Conversations with the Peace Processors | Episode 1: ‘Focus on institution-building not dramatic diplomatic breakthroughs’: A Conversation...

By Elliott Abrams
This new Fathom podcast series is called Those Who Tried: Conversations with the Peace Processors. We will seek... Read more > March 2024

Statistically Impossible: A Critical Analysis of Hamas’s Women and Children Casualty Figures

By Tom Simpson, Lewi Stone and Gregory Rose
How reliable are the casualty figures issued by the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry? The answer offered in this... Read more > March 2024

Book Review | My Life as a Jew

By Philip Mendes
Michael Gawenda is a well-known Australian journalist. He was editor of the centre-left Melbourne Age for seven years... Read more > March 2024

7 October and the Miseducation of the Palestinian Child

By Jonathan Myers
Jonathan Myers examines the systematic grooming of the Palestinian child to hate ‘the demonic Jew’.  Brought up to... Read more > March 2024

‘Reactionary Anti-Imperialism’ as the new Totalitarian Temptation, from Foucault to 7 October

By Karl-Markus Gauß
Karl-Markus Gauß is editor in chief of the literary magazine Literatur und Kritik. This article first appeared in... Read more > March 2024

Telegram Warfare: The New Frontier of Psychological Warfare in the Israel-Palestine Conflict

By Tal Hagin
Social Media platforms like Telegram have become integral to Hamas’s communications and information warfare. OSINT analyst Tal Hagin... Read more > March 2024

The Peace Process, Past and Future: An Insider’s Reflections and Advice

By Yair Hirschfeld
Yair Hirschfeld was one of two Israeli academics (alongside the late Ron Pundak) who began unofficial and secret... Read more > March 2024