The Middle East in 2022

BICOM’s seventh annual forecast is a guide for policy makers and opinion formers to issues and events that... Read more > January 2022

The Israel Question and the Left: A Review Essay

By Barry Finger
Barry Finger is a frequent contributor to US socialist journals, a former shop steward and activist with the Public... Read more > January 2022

Israel is sliding into a one-state reality

By Emanuel Shahaf
Emanuel Shahaf is Co-Chair of the Federation Movement which proposes a federal citizen state in Eretz-Israel/Palestine, excluding the... Read more > January 2022

My Israeli Music | Jonathan Spyer

By Jonathan Spyer
Jonathan Spyer is an Israeli analyst, writer, and journalist of Middle Eastern affairs. He emigrated to Israel from London... Read more > January 2022

Britain should do less in the Middle East, but do it better | An Interview with Michael Stephens and Christopher...

By Michael Stephens and Christopher Phillips
What Next For Britain in the Middle East: Security, Trade and Foreign Policy after Brexit (I.B Tauris, 2021),... Read more > January 2022

Is Israel a 'Settler-Colonial' State? A debate between Alan Johnson and Leila Farsakh

By Alan Johnson
On 17 December Peter Beinart hosted an online discussion entitled, 'Professors Alan Johnson and Leila Farsakh on whether... Read more > January 2022

My Israeli Music | Yossi Kuperwasser

By Yossi Kuperwasser
Brig. Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser was chief of the research division in IDF Military Intelligence, and until recently,... Read more > January 2022

Rereading | The Idea of the Jewish State by Ben Halpern

By Donna Robinson Divine
Donna Robinson Divine is Morningstar Family Professor of Jewish Studies and Emirita Professor of Government at Smith College.... Read more > January 2022