‘Eat Their Skulls’: The Pleasures of Antisemitism, revisited after 7 October

By Eve Garrard
Eve Garrard’s 2013 'The Pleasures of Antisemitism', argued that not merely cognitive errors but also deep emotional satisfactions... Read more > February 2024

Why the Israeli Left needs a New Alliance with Religious Voters

By Sam Shube
Israeli democracy requires a shift from the politics of selective exclusion to one of strategic inclusion that embraces... Read more > February 2024

On the Palestinianisation of Israel Studies

By Alex Stein
Alex Stein argues that by imposing a rigid ideological standard for scholarship on Israel-Palestine, the new journal Palestine/Israel Review... Read more > February 2024

After the Pogrom: An Australian Journalist Reflects

By Michael Gawenda
Australian journalist Michael Gawenda reflects on tensions on the Australian Jewish left through the prism of 7 October.... Read more > February 2024

Book Review | Israel’s War on Gaza

By Barry Finger
It turns out that Dara Horn was overly generous in her concession that ‘People Love Dead Jews.’ The... Read more > February 2024

Faculty for Academic Freedom and Against Antisemitism: Mission Statement and Background Information

By Cary Nelson and Brett Kaufman
‘Faculty for Justice in Palestine’, has been formed and is growing fast on campuses in the US. Cary... Read more > February 2024

‘No solidarity with the victims and hostages, no word of empathy’: Reactions from European club culture to the Supernova Festival...

By Tanja Ehmann
Tanja Ehmann asks why, despite the massacre at the Supernova music festival, parts of the European club culture... Read more > February 2024

Post-Bibi: Aligning two-state hopes with Israeli fears after 7 October

By Michael Rubin
After 7 October the idea that any Palestinian actor can be trusted to control territory on Israel’s borders... Read more > February 2024

Opinion | Saudi normalisation now. A Palestinian state later

By Paul Gross
With reports suggesting the Biden White House is considering unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state, Paul Gross argues... Read more > February 2024

Hamas Exploitation of Hospitals for Hostage Taking: The Legal Imperative to Investigate Aiding and Abetting of War Crimes

By Anne Herzberg
Gaza’s hospitals were used to conceal hostages. Who knew what and when? Whether hospital staff were involved, and... Read more > February 2024

Resilience, Social Cohesion and Democracy: The Three Keys to Rebuilding Israel After 7 October

By Mike Prashker
Mike Prashker founded MERCHAVIM: The Institute for the Advancement of Shared Citizenship in Israel in 1998 and directed... Read more > February 2024

Arabs and Jews: The Holocaust and its Aftermath

By Sabrina Soffer
Sabrina Soffer is former Commissioner of the Task Force to Combat Antisemitism at the George Washington University and... Read more > February 2024

Progressive except for Jews (PEJs): The Australian Greens and the 7 October Hamas Death Squad Massacre

By Philip Mendes
Following 7 October the Greens were the only Australian political party that refused to support a federal parliamentary... Read more > February 2024

A Response to The Jewish Chronicle’s review of 'Mapping the New Left Antisemitism: The Fathom Essays' (Routledge, 2023)

By Alan Johnson
David Hirsh and I have been reading, researching, writing and politically organising to counter left antisemitism for around... Read more > February 2024

Denying 7 October: The Case of Former ANC Minister Ronnie Kasrils

By David Benatar
David Benatar is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He examines the... Read more > February 2024

Book Review | Nazis, Islamic Antisemitism and the Middle East

By Daniel Ben-Ami
Nazis, Islamic Antisemitism and the Middle East tells the story of an important but largely unknown chapter of... Read more > February 2024

Antizionism at the Modern Language Association

By Cary Nelson
After nearly two decades of trying, on 6 January the Modern Language Association’s annual meeting finally succeeded in... Read more > February 2024

Rereadings | Demonopathy: Leon Pinsker’s Theory of Antisemitism

By Philip Earl Steele
Philip Earl Steele rereads Autoemancipation! author Leon Pinsker’s theory of antisemitism. Could our innate ‘fear of ghosts’ really... Read more > February 2024

“Even Jews themselves often hear about Zionism through its detractors” | Fathom Interview: Einat Wilf

By Einat Wilf
On 22 January 2024, Fathom Deputy Editors Jack Omer-Jackaman and Calev Ben-Dor interviewed Einat Wilf. They discussed Wilf's... Read more > February 2024

"We didn't understand Hamas at all" | Fathom Interview: Michael Milshtein

By Michael Milshtein
On 25 January 2024, Fathom Deputy Editors Calev Ben-Dor and Jack Omer-Jackaman interviewed Michael Milshtein, a leading expert... Read more > February 2024