On Amnesty’s car-crash interview in Israel

By Shany Mor
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The UK-Israeli trade relationship | An interview with Ian Austin

By Ian Austin
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The Three Best Recent Books on the Yishuv during the British Mandate, recommended by Donna Robinson Divine

By Donna Robinson Divine
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Rejecting IHRA: The Avoidable Debacle at the University of Toronto

By David Matas and Aurel Braun
David Matas is an international human rights lawyer based in Winnipeg. The author of several books, he is... Read more > February 2022

The Arab citizens of Israel | An interview with Dr Arik Rudnitzky

By Arik Rudnitzky
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After Soleimani, is Iran losing control of its proxies?

By Danny Citrinowicz
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Book Review | The European Left and the Jewish Question 1848-1993: Between Zionism and Antisemitism

By Colin Shindler
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Mothers Against Violence: Viewing settlers’ violence under a ‘powerful womanly lens’

By Hamutal Gouri
Hamutal Gouri participated in the response of Mothers Against Violence to settler violence in the Palestinian village of... Read more > February 2022