IsraelVotes2019 | Fathoming the Israeli elections: an interview with Nahum Barnea

By Nahum Barnea
Nahum Barnea is a veteran Israeli commentator for Yediot Ahronoth who has covered Israeli domestic and foreign affairs... Read more > February 2019

'Telling Israel’s story in the 21st century will have a lot less to do with the Warsaw Ghetto than it...

By Matti Friedman
Journalist and author Matti Friedman talks to Fathom Deputy Editor Calev Ben-Dor about his acclaimed recent book, Spies... Read more > February 2019

Thriving in Adversity: the past and future of Kurdistan in Iraq

By Gary Kent
Combining clear-eyed political analysis with moving reportage, Gary Kent offers a comprehensive survey of both the multiple crises... Read more > February 2019

Anziska's 'Preventing Palestine': An Exchange (1) Joel Singer's Review

By Joel Singer
Joel Singer, a veteran Israeli peace negotiator, critically reviews Seth Anziska’s book, Preventing Palestine: A Political History from... Read more > February 2019

Anziska's 'Preventing Palestine': An Exchange (2) Seth Anziska Replies to Singer

By Seth Anziska
Seth Anziska replies to Oslo negotiator Joel Singers’s critical review of his book Preventing Palestine: A Political History... Read more > February 2019

How the BDS movement is poisoning academic discourse: a case study of Henry Maitles and Critical and Radical Social Work

By Philip Mendes
The academic Left, influenced by the Boycott, Divestment and Sections (BDS) movement, is abandoning core academic standards when... Read more > February 2019

The Era of Responsibility is over | an interview with Nadav Eyal on the Revolt against Globalisation

By Nadav Eyal
Nadav Eyal is the International Correspondent for Israel's Reshet News, Op-Ed contributor for Yedioth Ahronoth, and author of... Read more > February 2019