Poem | October | by Adi Keissar

By Adi Keissar
In 2018, Fathom interviewed Adi Keissar, an Israeli poet of Yeminite descent and founder of Ars Poetica, a... Read more > December 2023

The ‘Ben Gurion Canal’: A new crazy anti-Israeli conspiracy theory is doing great business on the internet while the social...

By Jonas Hessenauer
Jonas Hessenauer is a social scientist and researcher on antisemitism. He is currently working at the Tikvah Institute... Read more > December 2023

Gaza After Hamas | ‘The idea of Hamas will remain in place as long as the Palestinian issue burns heavy...

By Gershon Baskin
Fathom editors Alan Johnson and Jack Omer-Jackaman speak to renowned writer and peace activist Gershon Baskin. They discuss... Read more > December 2023

‘I had never witnessed such barbarism before’: Major ‘F’ and the Battle of Holit

By Suzan Quitaz
Suzan Quitaz is a journalist at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, having worked previously at the Qatari News... Read more > December 2023

Opinion | I am a Zionist because I am a leftist, not in spite of that commitment

By Jack Omer-Jackaman
Jack Omer-Jackaman is the author of Caught Somewhere Between Zion and Galut: Zionism, Israel and Anglo-Jewry’s Identity, 1948-1982... Read more > December 2023

Opinion | Gaza After Hamas | Wanted: Two-State Realism

By Paul Gross
If you think the largest mass murder of Jews since the Holocaust, perpetrated by the genocidal Islamists controlling... Read more > December 2023

No one believes that any criticism of Israel is invariably antisemitic. The American Association of University Professors has set up...

By David Schraub
David Schraub is Assistant Professor of Law at Lewis and Clark Law School. He responds here to a... Read more > December 2023

Comparing the Hamas Pogrom of 7 October to the Holocaust is a misuse of Holocaust Remembrance say Omer Bartov, Raz...

By Ingo Elbe and Enrico Pfau
Ingo Elbe and Enrico Pfau of Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg map the several ways in which... Read more > December 2023

“America needs to maintain a balance of power against radical Islam” | Fathom Interview: Jonathan Rynhold

By Jonathan Rynhold
Fathom Deputy Editor Calev Ben-Dor speaks to Professor Jonathan Rynhold, head of the department of Political Studies at... Read more > December 2023