The BDS Faith: Judaism without Zion

By William Kolbrener
Jews don’t know what antisemitism is because they don’t have the right definition of Judaism. Such is the... Read more > December 2019

Book Review | After ISIS: America, Iran and the Struggle for the Middle East

By Brandon Marlon
We’ve encountered the toponyms repeatedly in the headlines: Sinjar. Raqqa. Kirkuk. Kobane. Baghuz. But we’ve done so from... Read more > December 2019

The UK Election 2019 | Antisemitism is not the preserve of the left. This right-wing victory carries its own dangers...

By Sacha Ismail
Sacha Ismail is a supporter of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, a small radical socialist group which has... Read more > December 2019

The UK Election 2019 | In Stoke North, Labour voters saw Corbyn as a wrong ‘un

By Jane Ashworth
Jane Ashworth is a Labour councillor in Stoke and the co-founder of Engage, the anti-racist campaign against left... Read more > December 2019

The UK Election 2019 | The roots of left antisemitism go deeper than Corbynism. They lie in the fatal partnership...

By Peter Mason
Peter Mason is the National Secretary of the Jewish Labour Movement, and a Labour Councillor in the London... Read more > December 2019

The UK Election 2019 | Corbyn’s legacy is that political antisemitism has re-entered the British mainstream

By David Hirsh
David Hirsh, author of Contemporary Left Antisemitism argues that Corbyn’s movement has left behind many thousands of people... Read more > December 2019

The UK Election 2019 | Britain has escaped political paralysis. To do the same, Israel must dislodge Netanyahu

By Toby Greene
In 2019 both the UK and Israel have been politically paralysed. Like or loathe Boris Johnson, Thursday’s election... Read more > December 2019

‘If we insist on 100 per cent of the land, we will end up like Lebanon: it will be an...

By Ephraim Sneh
Ephraim Sneh is a former Deputy Defence Minister of Israel. He was a member of the Knesset for... Read more > December 2019

Book Review | Social Justice and Israel/Palestine

By Donna Robinson Divine
In the introduction to Social Justice and Israel/Palestine, Aaron J. Hahn Tapper and Mira Sucharov reflect on their... Read more > December 2019

Gas and foreign policy: how Israel is leveraging energy to stabilise the region and advance geostrategic objectives

By Ezra Friedman
Ezra Friedman writes that the discovery of gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean has given Israel, long perceived... Read more > December 2019

Book Review | Doves Among Hawks: Struggles of the Israeli Peace Movements

By John Lyndon
Plays tend to have three acts. In his excellent and very timely ‘Doves Among Hawks: Struggles of the... Read more > December 2019