Has Israel damaged Palestinian health?

By David Stone
An evidence-based analysis of the nature and impact of Israeli public health policies practices in the West Bank... Read more > Autumn 2014

Alongside or instead of Israel: which Palestine is the UN in solidarity with?

By Einat Wilf with Shany Mor
Tomorrow, the United Nations marks the ‘International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.’ But which version of... Read more > Autumn 2014

Winning the media war

By Einat Wilf
Einat Wilf’s regular column – dispatches from a roving ambassador for Israel – asks how to win the... Read more > Autumn 2014

In Defence of Zionism

By Gadi Taub
Gadi Taub is a prominent Israeli historian, author, screenwriter, political commentator and Senior Lecturer in the School Public Policy and the Department of Communications... Read more > Autumn 2014

IS and the incoherence of Western policy

By Jonathan Spyer
The West wants to destroy IS but it has neither allies on the ground nor a grasp of... Read more > Autumn 2014

Book Review | Some of My Best Friends: A Journey Through Twenty-First Century Antisemitism

By Dave Rich
First, the disclosure: Ben Cohen is a friend and comrade who was kind enough to invite me to... Read more > Autumn 2014

A new Tikva for all Israelis

By Benjamin Pogrund
Benjamin Pogrund argues that revising the national anthem could be an important symbolic step towards achieving the integration... Read more > Autumn 2014

How the World Turned Against Israel: an interview with Joshua Muravchik

By Joshua Muravchik
Israel was once the plucky underdog supported by Western public opinion, Left and Right. Today, it is the... Read more > Autumn 2014

Book Review | The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel

By Andrei S. Markovits
The editors deserve major kudos for having compiled an impressive anthology featuring contributions in opposition to the deeply... Read more > Autumn 2014

Reflections on the Middle East’s Christians in these strained times

By Habib C. Malik
Christians of the Middle East, whether free or captive to dhimmitude, have not readily identified with the travails... Read more > Autumn 2014

The European Association of Israel Studies and the Academic Boycott

By Ruth Amossy, Denis Charbit and Nadia Ellis
The European Association of Israel Studies sparked controversy in September by requesting that a lecturer at Ariel University, located in a... Read more > Autumn 2014

BDS vs. conflict-resolution

By Sapan Maini-Thompson
The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement ignores a key principle of conflict-resolution: severing economic ties risks perpetuating... Read more > Autumn 2014

Why we keep getting the Middle East wrong

By Mordechai Kedar
Dr Mordechai Kedar spoke to a Fathom Forum in London in September 2014 about why so many Western... Read more > Autumn 2014

Rachel Shabi’s Mizrahi post-Zionism: a Critique

By Lyn Julius
The discrimination and injustice suffered by Mizrahi Jews in Israel has been used instrumentally by Rachel Shabi to... Read more > Autumn 2014

After Gaza: the case for Israeli unilateralism

By Paul Gross
If the status quo is unsustainable and the grounds for a negotiated agreement are absent, at least for... Read more > Autumn 2014

Britain’s reaction to Operation Protective Edge

By Toby Greene
The UK’s response to the recent Gaza conflict demonstrates, not for the first time, the role that domestic... Read more > Autumn 2014

Book Review | Drawing Fire: Investigating the Accusations of Apartheid in Israel

By Robert Fine
It is a feature of our times that certain aspects of what Israel has become – notably its... Read more > Autumn 2014

Book Review | Israel and the World Powers: Diplomatic Alliances and International Relations beyond the Middle East

By Jacob Eriksson
This volume comes at a particularly interesting time for Israel. The most recent war in Gaza has claimed... Read more > Autumn 2014

Sami Michael: The Discreet Ironist of Israeli Literature

By Noga Emanuel
The Israeli novelist Sami Michael evolved from an Iraqi Jewish communist writing in his native Arabic language to... Read more > Autumn 2014

Settlements and the Two-State Solution: Lorin Bell-Cross interviews Dani Dayan

By Dani Dayan
Settlement construction is a controversial topic within Israel and is often the subject of international criticism and concern.... Read more > Autumn 2014

Givat Haviva and the pursuit of a shared society

By Mohammad Darawshe
Mohammad Darawshe, the Co-Executive Director of the Givat Haviva Institute, spoke to a Fathom Forum in September 2014... Read more > Autumn 2014

Settlements and the Two-State Solution: Alan Johnson interviews Lior Amihai

By Lior Amihai
Settlement construction beyond Israel’s internationally recognised borders is a controversial topic within Israel and often the subject of... Read more > Autumn 2014

Palestinian politics after the Gaza conflict: Ben Cohen interviews David Pollock

By Ben Cohen
Where is Palestinian politics going? Fathom advisory editor Ben Cohen talked to David Pollock. Hamas ‘It's not unreasonable... Read more > Autumn 2014