Israeli-Palestinian Peace: The Abraham Accords have created space for a radical transformation in our thinking

By Koby Huberman
Koby Huberman argues the Abraham Accords have made possible a paradigm shift in the way we think of... Read more > April 2022

Fathom Opinion | ‘Al-Aqsa is in danger’ is a dangerous lie. ‘Temple Denial’ is antisemitic historical revisionism. It’s time for...

By Richard L. Cravatts
Richard L. Cravatts is President Emeritus of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. Last week in Jerusalem,... Read more > April 2022

British Christian Zionism (Part 3): Reverend William Hechler – from Hovevei Zion to Herzl and beyond

By Philip Earl Steele
Philip Earl Steele examines the contribution of Reverend William Hechler to the early Zionist movement and argues that... Read more > April 2022

Israel on Netflix | Maktub (2017)

By Noga Emanuel
Noga Emanuel kicks off our new irregular series looking at Israel on Netflix with her take on Maktub,... Read more > April 2022

Understanding the recent terror attacks in Israel

By Ely Karmon
On 4 April deputy editor Samuel Nurding spoke with Dr Ely Karmon about the recent terrorist attacks in... Read more > April 2022

Diary | Back from the ‘Other Side’: Reflections on a Visit to the West Bank and East Jerusalem

By Mike Prashker
Mike Prashker is an Israeli educator, social entrepreneur, writer and public speaker. He founded MERCHAVIM – The Institute... Read more > April 2022

My Israeli Music | Tal Kra-Oz

By Tal Kra-Oz
Tal Kra-Oz is a writer based in Tel Aviv.  Previous contributors to this series have done an excellent... Read more > April 2022

An Open Letter to Anti-Zionists from a Veteran of the Left

By Kathleen Hayes
Kathleen Hayes invites the ‘anti-Zionist’ Left to think again. For 25 years, I was a member of a... Read more > April 2022