‘The Jewish State is a must. Democracy is a must’ | An interview with Elyakim Rubinstein

By Elyakim Rubinstein
Elyakim Rubinstein is the former Attorney General of Israel and served as the Vice President of Israel’s Supreme... Read more > June 2019

Removing certain kinds of Jews from anti-racist protection is wrong

By Keith Kahn-Harris
Keith Kahn-Harris’s book Strange Hate: Antisemitism, Racism and the Limits of Diversity is published in June 2019 by... Read more > May 2019

The Re-emergence of the Jewish Question

By Shalom Lappin
The Jewish communities of Europe and the US increasingly find themselves caught between the rising forces of the... Read more > May 2019

Word Crime Recidivism

By Cary Nelson
The new issue of the journal Israel Studies has caused an international controversy, initially in academia, but now stretching... Read more > May 2019

How Israel Misread Palestinian Intentions

By Evan Gottesman
Last weekend’s brief and bloody spat between Hamas and Islamic Jihad and Israel obscured another simmering crisis in... Read more > May 2019

We are paralysed by the failed search for a final peace. For now, let’s reduce the experience of occupation without...

By Micah Goodman
Discussing his best selling book 'Catch 67', Micah Goodman tracks the evolution of the debate within Israel over... Read more > May 2019

The US has always had a blind spot about the Palestinians. Now it is worse | An interview with Khaled...

By Khaled Elgindy
American academic Khaled Elgindy is a non-resident fellow in the Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution.... Read more > May 2019

In His Novels, And His Columns, Sayed Kashua Examines His Divided Self

By Liam Hoare
‘I wanted to say to my wife that this is really the end, it’s finished,’ the Arab-Israeli writer... Read more > May 2019

Book Review | Marxist Perspectives on Palestine/Israel

By Stan Crooke
‘A totalising perspective that can grasp the [Israeli] violence as an expression of the capitalist world... an analysis... Read more > April 2019 Article

Israeli Elections: Three Takeaways and One Prediction

By Michael Koplow
Michael Koplow argues that Netanyahu’s indictments are preventing the establishment of a national unity government and believes that... Read more > April 2019 Article

Israeli Elections: Five Takeaways

By Hugh Lovatt
Hugh Lovatt believes that had the Joint List stuck together it may have potentially blocked Netanyahu’s path towards... Read more > April 2019 Article

Israeli Elections: What next for the likely Netanyahu coalition?

By Calev Ben-Dor
Calev Ben-Dor writes that the good news for Netanyahu is that his ability to form a coalition with... Read more > April 2019 Article

IsraelVotes2019 | Israel’s Arab citizens and the election

By Eihab Kadah
In a conversation with Fathom, Eihab Kadah, director of research in Arab society in Midgam Consulting and Research... Read more > April 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | What should be the priorities for the new government?

By Yossi Kuperwasser
Yossi Kuperwasser argues that whoever forms the next government should adopt a 'Yes, but' response to the expected... Read more > April 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | Why I'm voting Blue and White

By Yair Zivan
Yair Zivan believes Israelis have a choice between a Prime Minister indicted in three criminal cases and an... Read more > April 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | Why I'm voting Labor

By Tal Harris
Tal Harris argues that while Benny Gantz can replace Netanyahu and remove his Kahanist allies from the public... Read more > April 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | Why I’m voting Likud

By Rachel Broyde
Rachel Broyde credits Netanyahu's leadership with Israel's strong economic, military and diplomatic situation and argues that as a... Read more > April 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | Netanyahu isn’t just a Prime Minister; he represents a paradigm that is here to stay

By Doron Matza
While some analysts believe Israel is approaching a ‘post-Netanyahu era’, Doron Matza argues that regardless of Netanyahu’s personal... Read more > April 2019 Article

IsraelVotes2019 | The National-Religious Camp: No Direction Home?

By Sara Hirschhorn
In some ways, the national religious community face the 2019 election without a traditional ideological home. Nevertheless, argues... Read more > April 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | The Elections and the Territories

By Yisrael Medad
With only one week to go until election day, the fate of the territories has barely been mentioned.... Read more > April 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | Yashar: a new grassroots Israeli political movement

By Eran Etzion
Eran Etzion is the former Deputy head of the National Security Council and Head of the Policy Planning... Read more > April 2019 Article

IsraelVotes2019 | Forget Left and Right. 'Declaration of Independence' or 'Nation-State Law' is now the real divide in Israeli politics

By Paul Gross
Paul Gross argues that the most fundamental difference between the main parties in the upcoming elections is not... Read more > March 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | Israeli-Palestinian relations and the 2019 Election

By Jonathan Rynhold
Israeli Jews are deeply sceptical, even incredulous, about the peace process, and are instead focused on maintaining security,... Read more > March 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | Towards a consensus on National Security issues?

By Jonathan Spyer
To what extent is the current Israeli election campaign dominated by national security issues, as has historically been... Read more > March 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | ‘We are at the end of the Netanyahu era': A Fathom Forum with Anshel Pfeffer

By Anshel Pfeffer
In this Fathom Forum, journalist and writer Anshel Pfeffer, author of The Turbulent Life and Times of Benjamin... Read more > March 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | Why the Israeli Labor party is dying

By Eric Lee
Why has the Israeli Labor Party failed to return to power for over 20 years? Eric Lee points... Read more > March 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | Understanding the blocs

By Dahlia Scheindlin
Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin is a public opinion expert who has advised five national campaigns in Israel and in... Read more > March 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | The growing power of the 'independent' ultra-Orthodox voter

By Gilad Malach
Dr. Gilad Malach is head of the ultra-Orthodox program at the Israel Democracy Institute in Jerusalem. In a... Read more > March 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | The country where the centre can hold

By Pinchas Landau
Pinchas Landau argues that the emergence of the new centrist party ‘Blue and White’ as the main rival... Read more > March 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | The Far Right in Israeli Politics

By Colin Shindler
Professor Colin Shindler argues that pragmatism by a Right wing government has often led to an ideological schism... Read more > March 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | It’s basic math. To win, the Israeli Centre-Left needs the Arab citizens of Israel

By Joel Braunold
Two-thirds of the Arab public want to see their representatives sitting in government. If the Israeli Centre-Left is... Read more > March 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | With Gantz, has Israel’s centre found its feet?

By Toby Greene
Toby Greene argues that the merger between the Israel Resilience Party and Yesh Atid represents the third phase... Read more > March 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | Fathoming the Israeli elections: an interview with Nahum Barnea

By Nahum Barnea
Nahum Barnea is a veteran Israeli commentator for Yediot Ahronoth who has covered Israeli domestic and foreign affairs... Read more > February 2019

IsraelVotes2019 | The Accidental Wisdom of Israel’s Maligned Electoral System, Revisited

By Shany Mor
In late 2013 Shany Mor was commissioned to write an article about Israel’s much-criticised proportional electoral system for... Read more > February 2019

‘There is a window of opportunity to resolve our conflict with the Palestinians’: an interview with former Mossad Director-General Shabtai...

By Shabtai Shavit
Since 2013, Professor Cohen-Almagor has been conducting a comprehensive research project whose aim is to provide a detailed... Read more > January 2019

‘City of Oranges. An Intimate History of Arabs and Jews in Jaffa': an interview with Adam LeBor

By Adam LeBor
The acclaimed book City of Oranges: An Intimate History of Arabs and Jews in Jaffa has been published... Read more > January 2019

Ending the 'Universalisation' of the Holocaust and the Wars Against Israel: The GDR People's Chamber Declaration of 12 April 1990

By Martin Jander
To ‘universalise’ the Nazi crimes is to deny the uniqueness of the Holocaust and the murder of the... Read more > December 2018

Pop Islam: How Germany is tackling the new Islamic antisemitism

By Daniel Rickenbacher
In 2018 Germany appointed the diplomat Dr. Felix Klein to the newly created post of Federal Government Commissioner... Read more > December 2018

The Long Read | Israel’s Jewish and Democratic Balance: A historian reflects on the Nation-State Law

By Arie Dubnov
Arie M. Dubnov is the Max Ticktin Chair of Israel Studies at George Washington University. In this long read... Read more > December 2018

British Jews and Israel – how is the relationship evolving? | Editorial

By Fathom Editors
In July 2018, the Jewish Chronicle identified ‘fundamental questions which must now be urgently asked’ in light of... Read more > November 2018