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Our Fathom Highlight this week includes four contributions to our IsraelVotes2019 series. Doran Matza argues regardless of Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal future, his broadly pragmatic diplomatic, security and economic policies, if not his personal style and rhetoric, enjoy a wide ideological consensus within Israel, and are likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Sara Hirschhorn argues while April’s election will offer more political surety to Israel’s national religious community than any other, election season has split the community like never before. Meanwhile, Yisrael Medad explores the fate of the territories, arguing majority support among Israeli Jews for Jews remaining there explains the issue’s absence from the election campaign. Indeed, after a Likud victory, he writes, pressure for partial annexation may be brought to bear in coalition talks. Lastly, Eran Etzion talks to the editors about his new political party, Yashar, and why he believes it can be the future of Israeli democracy.

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This week’s Highlight also includes a review, by INSS researcher Rob Pinfold, of Raphael D. Marcus’s 2018 book, Israel’s Long War with Hezbollah: Military Innovation and Adaptation Under Fire.

Our Image of the Week shows Green Peace activists rappelling down the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, to hang a banner saying ‘Bolsonaro Stop Amazon Destruction’ during the visit of Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro to Israel, 1 April. Image from Flash90 / Yonatan Sindel.

Our Voice of the Week comes from Israeli NGO and pressure movement Peace Now. On the 40th anniversary of Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt, the clip examines how it happened, and asks what lessons we can learn for solving problems in the present. Video published on 24 March.

Fathom eBook | Fathoming the Israeli Elections 2019

by Fathom Editors

Election special 2019 FINALFathom has published a new eBook on the 2019 Israeli elections. This pamphlet brings together the analyses of the 2019 Israeli elections carried by Fathom journal. Click HERE to download the eBook. In Part 1: Fathoming the 2019 Election, veteran Israeli commentator Nahum Barnea argues that the main issue of the elections is neither social issues nor national security challenges but rather whether Benjamin Netanyahu should continue to serve as Prime Minister. Barnea also suggests that while...

Voice of the Week


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IsraelVotes2019 (2) | Netanyahu isn’t just a Prime Minister; he represents a paradigm that is here to stay
by Doron Matza

While some analysts believe Israel is approaching a ‘post-Netanyahu era’, Doron Matza argues that regardless of Netanyahu’s personal future, his broadly pragmatic diplomatic, security and...

IsraelVotes2019 | The National-Religious Camp: No Direction Home?
by Sara Hirschhorn

In some ways, the national religious community face the 2019 election without a traditional ideological home. Nevertheless, argues Sara Hirschhorn, the election results are likely...

IsraelVotes2019 | The Elections and the Territories
by Yisrael Medad

With only one week to go until election day, the fate of the territories has barely been mentioned. Yisrael Medad explores why, suggesting that most...

IsraelVotes2019 | Yashar: a new grassroots Israeli political movement
by Eran Etzion

Eran Etzion is the former Deputy head of the National Security Council and Head of the Policy Planning Division in the Foreign Ministry. In this...

Book Review | Israel's Long War with Hezbollah: Military Innovation and Adaption Under Fire
by Rob Pinfold

The old adage that ‘generals are always prepared to fight the last war’ encapsulates the on-going exchange of threats between Hezbollah and Israel. Both sides...

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