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Fathom Highlight: Whatever piece we want that week / 23 March / 2016

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'Doing God', or the importance of religious peacemaking: an interview with Rabbi Michael Melchior

by Michael Melchior

When it comes to conflict resolution, the dominant view has been that God should be taken out of the equation. Rabbi Michael Melchior, the former Israeli Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, argues that treating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a mere land dispute has been one of the reasons for the failure of the peace process. In this interview with Fathom deputy editor Calev Ben-Dor, Melchior explains why we have to ‘do God’ to secure peace. Calev Ben-Dor: Many people say religion...

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‘Only a blind person would ignore the gravity of the threat which is emerging’: an interview with Dore Gold
by Dore Gold

To get a contrasting view on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s national security policy, Fathom deputy editor Toby Greene spoke with Dore Gold. A former Israeli ambassador to the...

‘The time to compromise is when you are strong’: an interview with Omer Bar-Lev MK
by Omer Bar-Lev

Omer Bar-Lev is an MK for the Zionist Union. He was a commander in one of the IDF’s elite units – Sayeret Matkal – before...

‘There is a clash of civilisations’: An interview with Benny Morris
by Gabriel Noah Brahm

In this in-depth interview, Israeli historian Benny Morris speaks with Professor Gabriel Noah Brahm about his work, his critics and his regrets. He also charges...

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