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Fathom Highlight | Thinking creatively about borders and settlers / 15 February / 2016

Prof. David Newman spoke to a Fathom Forum on the need for new thinking about the relationship between borders and citizenship in any viable two state solution.

The presence of around 350,000-400,000 Jewish settlers in the West Bank poses huge challenges to any Israeli government seeking to implement a withdrawal. Newman argued that the as-yet marginal idea of ‘cross-citizenship’ – the proposal that an individual could live in one state and be the citizen of another – may yet become accepted in the way that the idea of a Palestinian state, and the idea of ‘land swaps’ have. He also explored the difficulties inherent in the idea, not least that some settlers – ideologically motivated and encouraged by some in the current Israeli government – believe that time is working in their favour.

Our Voice of the Week is of Ari Shavit (Haaretz) and Roger Cohen (New York Times) discussing US-Israeli relations, the peace process, the Iran deal and the future of Israel.  The programme was produced by The Jewish Week and American Friends of Tel Aviv University with Linda Scherzer.

Our Image of the Week is of Israeli school children from the Yuvali haNegev school in the Bnei Shimon regional council, southern Israel, participating in nationwide drill. 15 February 2016. Photo by Flash90.

Fathom Forum | David Newman | Thinking creatively about borders and settlers

by Professor David Newman

David Newman is Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and a Professor of Geopolitics in the Department of Politics and Government at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev . He is the editor of the academic journal Geopolitics and his work focuses on the changing role and functions of borders in the contemporary world. He spoke to a Fathom Forum about creative thinking about the relationship between borders and citizenship in reaching a two-state solution._ Newman argued that we should accept that we are nowhere...

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