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Fathom Highlight | Asher Susser on the Six-Day War + Gabrielle Rifkind on Preventive Diplomacy / February 8 / 2017

Our Fathom Highlight this week is two speakers from our recent Fathom Forums. Asher Susser, Professor Emeritus of Middle Eastern History at Tel Aviv University, provides a must-watch, comprehensive account of the lasting legacy of the 1967 Six-Day War in the Middle East, describing the war as a ‘watershed’ moment for both Israel and the Arab world. Gabrielle Rifkind, Director of the Oxford Process programme at Oxford Research Group, explains the main ideas from her book on preventive diplomacy and draws on her own experience in conflict resolution to argue why the West needs to develop a new approach to solving protracted conflicts such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Our voice of the week is three veteran US diplomats Zalmay Khalilzad, Marcelle Wahba and Dan Kurtzer speaking at the Atlantic Council about the prospect of regional powers taking upon themselves more responsibility for resolving conflicts in the region, 1 February 2017.

Our image of the week is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meeting for the first time UK Prime Minister Teresa May at No.10 Downing Street, London, during his official visit, 6 February 2017.

1967 | The Six-Day War was a watershed in Middle Eastern history

by Asher Susser

The Arab defeat in 1967 shattered the image of pan-Arabism as a vehicle of Arab modernisation. The Islamists could now argue that Western style secular nationalism was a false messiah and that ‘Islam is the solution’. The Arab states followed state interest with far less devotion to the general Arab cause, and slowly but surely withdrew from the conflict with Israel, leaving the Palestinians to fend for themselves. Change within Israel itself, including the rise of what Asher Susser, professor...

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Fathom Forum | Gabrielle Rifkind: Fog of Peace: How to Prevent War
by Gabrielle Rifkind

Gabrielle Rifkind is director of the Oxford Process Programme at Oxford Research Group (ORG), an independent peace and security think-and-action-tank that promotes dialogue and common...

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