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Fathom Highlight | Iran's nuclear programme and four potential scenarios in US-Iran relations / 25 June / 2019

Our Fathom Highlight this week features Yaakov Lappin, Associate Researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies and the Israel correspondent for Jane’s Defense Weekly, who examines the US ‘maximum pressure’ campaign on Iran and potential scenarios regarding future US-Iran relations. Asher Susser assesses the Israeli-Egyptian and Israeli-Jordanian peace treaties and the threat posed to Israel by failed Arab states post the so-called Arab Spring. Paul Iddon reviews David L. Philips’s The Great Betrayal: How America abandoned the Kurds and lost the Middle East, which provides a political and diplomatic history of the Kirkuk region and examines US foreign policy shortcomings regarding Kirkuk and the Kurdish people.

Our Voice of the Week is a selection of speakers discussing conservatism in Israeli political and intellectual conversation at the first annual Israeli Conservatism Conference, Jerusalem, 16 May.

Our Image of the Week is people gathering at Habima Square in Tel Aviv to mark International Refugees Day, 20 June.

As economic crisis worsens, Iran threatens to reactivate nuclear programme

by Yaakov Lappin

In this essay, military and strategic affairs analyst Yaakov Lappin analyses the rationale behind the US ‘maximum pressure’ campaign, explores Iranian dilemmas, and presents four different scenarios for how Iran may respond. As US sanctions take their toll on Iran's economy, Tehran's oil exports are dropping dramatically. Threatened by economic crisis and domestic instability, the Iranian regime has begun sending warning signals to the world – namely that it will not passively watch the countdown clock to economically-fueled domestic instability. Nor...

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Israel and the ‘Crisis of the Arabs’ | an interview with Asher Susser
by Asher Susser

Professor Asher Susser spoke with Fathom Deputy Editor Samuel Nurding on the eve of the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty to assess what has been achieved in...

Book Review | The Great Betrayal: How America abandoned the Kurds and lost the Middle East
by Paul Iddon

The thesis of David E. Philips’ book The Great Betrayal: How America Abandoned The Kurds And Lost The Middle East is, as the title suggests,...

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