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Fathom Highlight: Antisemitism and Oren Ben-Dor / 1 June / 2015

Oren Ben-Dor is a Professor in the University of Southampton’s Law School, and co-organiser of a controversial conference on International Law and the State of Israel. The recent cancellation of the conference – following the University’s withdrawal of permission for it to be held – proved equally controversial. Whether or not one thinks the event should have gone ahead, the views of those associated with it certainly bear scrutiny. The conference’s defenders have argued that universities should be places where even the most challenging ideas can be aired freely. Some of Ben-Dor’s views certainly fit into the ‘challenging’ category. They are critically appraised at Fathom by Professor Sarah Brown.


Our Voice of the Week is of Professor Cary Nelson, ‘The Ten Worst Things about BDS’.


Our Image of the Week is of Israelis holding masks with the face of Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon during a protest against the minister’s statement that he will not deal with the gas monopoly. Tel Aviv, 30 May 2015. Photo by Flash90.


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