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Fathom Highlight | The wisdom of Resolution 242 / 11 April / 2017

This week’s Fathom Highlight is a new addition to our 1967 special issue by Toby Greene on UN Resolution 242. Greene is an Israel Institute Post Doctoral Fellow at the Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Associate Editor at Fathom. 50 years on, 242 remains the only agreed upon terms of reference between the Israelis and Palestinians for solving their conflict. Also, John Strawson reviews Israel and Palestine: Alternative Perspectives on Statehood edited by John Ehrenberg and Yoav Peled (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016). Strawson is Honorary Professor of Law at the University of East London, where he was Director and Co-Director of the Centre on Human Rights in Conflict (CHRC) from 2010 to 2015.

Our voice of the week is former Israeli ambassador to the US, Itamar Rabinovich, speaking at Brookings on the subject of his new book, Yitzhak Rabin. Brookings Executive Vice President Martin Indyk also moderates a conversation between Ambassador Rabinovich and Dalia Rabin, the late Prime Minister Rabin’s daughter and former Member of Knesset, 9 March 2017.

Our image of the week is French composer Jean-Michel Jarre performing in Masada, in southern Israel’s Judean Desert on 6 April 2017.

1967 | The wisdom of Resolution 242

by Toby Greene

The logic of UN Resolution 242 – that this is a conflict of two sides with rights and responsibilities, and that Israel’s withdrawal requirements have to be tied to reinforcing Israel’s legitimacy and security – remains sound, claims Fathom Associate Editor Toby Greene. International actors should use this moment to reaffirm the principles set down in November 1967. The pursuit of approaches that seek to avoid that logic, only push a resolution further away. Fifteen hands, two principles The occupation...

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Book review | Israel and Palestine Alternative Perspectives on Statehood
by John Strawson

It is extraordinary that 70 years after the UN partition resolution we are still discussing the future of the territory that was at the time...

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