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Fathom Highlight – The ideological roots of media bias against Israel / 5 October / 2015

‘Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two,’ ran the now-notorious BBC headline after a Palestinian murdered two Israelis in Jerusalem on 3 October. For a deeper explanation of this kind of instinctive media bias against Israel, read former AP reporter Matti Friedman’s brilliant analysis of the deeper ideological roots of media bias against Israel.


Our Voice of the Week is a recording of Friedman’s speech.


Our Image of the Week is of mourners near the grave of Aharon Banita during his funeral at Har HaMenuchot Cemetery in Jerusalem on 4 October 2015. Banita was killed by a Palestinian youth in a stabbing terror attack in the Old City. Yonatan Sindel / Flash90.

The ideological roots of media bias against Israel

by Matti Friedman

On 26 January 2015 the former AP reporter Matti Friedman delivered the keynote speech at BICOM’s annual dinner in London. Expanding on a widely-noted argument first set out in Tablet and The Atlantic, Friedman spoke about how the media dissect and magnify Israel’s flaws while purposely erasing those of its enemies. He spoke about a fashionable and extravagant disgust for Israel among many in the West, and the rise of a ‘cult of the Occupation’ which positions Jewish arrogance and...

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