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Fathom Highlight | The Eloquence of Oriented: An Interview with Jake Witzenfeld / 27 May / 2016

This week’s Fathom Highlight is an interview with Jake Witzenfeld, director of a feature documentary exploring the lives of three gay Palestinian friends in Tel Aviv. The film premiers in Israel on 29 May at the opening night of the TLVFest, the gay film festival of Tel Aviv. Oriented is available at iTunes from 21 June.


Our voice of the week is Fathom editor Professor Alan Johnson talking at length to BBC Newsnight about left-wing antisemitism, its historical roots and contemporary forms and where the line is that separates criticism of Israel from something darker.

The Eloquence of Oriented: An interview with Jake Witzenfeld

by Jake Witzenfeld | May 26, 2016

  Sitting in the Green Room at JW3, the London Jewish Community’s cultural centre, a jetlagged Jake Witzenfeld, director of the documentary Oriented, ran his fingers through his hair and smiled. I had just asked him whether anything had surprised him about the struggle of Naeem, Fadi and Khader – the three young gay Palestinian subjects of his film – to define their complex identities. ‘Their eloquence overwhelmed me’ he said. ‘I wasn’t expecting them to be blabbering and upset...

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