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Fathom Highlight - Peace and Israeli Strategy: Two Views / 04 February / 2015

In our 2012 founding statement the Fathom editors promised to offer our readers genuine debate, going beyond the superficial ‘talking points’ approach to so much writing about Israel. And we warned you that each issue would likely contain writing that you really didn’t like.


We have been true to our promise, and that is one reason why we now reach over 70,000 readers.


In advance of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to the US, we talked big picture to two elder statesmen with contrasting views of what the shape of Israeli strategy should be towards the Palestinians, the regional turmoil, and the Iranian threat. Efraim Halevy was Director of Mossad from 1998 to 2002. Dore Gold was Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, is the President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and has been a close advisor to Prime Minister Netanyahu over many years.

‘There is no policy, we are on the edge of a volcano’: an interview with Efraim Halevy

by Efraim Halevy

Efraim Halevy was Director of Mossad from 1998 to 2002. Alan Johnson is the editor of Fathom. They spoke on 28 January 2015. Part 1: The Israeli Elections and the Peace Process Alan Johnson: You have said that the March 2015 elections in Israel pose ‘a choice the like of which we have never had.’ What is that choice? Efraim Halevy: I think the choice facing Israeli voters is a choice on the fundamentals of our grand strategy, both defence...

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‘Only a blind person would ignore the gravity of the threat which is emerging’: an interview with Dore Gold
by Dore Gold

To get a contrasting view on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s national security policy, Fathom deputy editor Toby Greene spoke with Dore Gold. A former Israeli ambassador to the...

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