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Fathom Highlight | IsraelVotes2019: Five Perspectives on the Election / 10 September / 2019

Our Fathom Highlight this week features five pieces on next week’s Israeli election. Tal Schneider discusses key issues related to the upcoming poll including whether Netanyahu will form a big tent government with Benny Gantz, whether Avigdor Lieberman can be persuaded to serve in a Netanyahu-led government and why Israeli electoral campaigns always revolve around security issues. Avi Weiss discusses the strengths and weaknesses of Israel’s economy, argues that its greatest growth potential lies in the Arab community, and warns that the economic potential of Israeli high-tech is being squandered. In a further reply to Revital Amiran, Yisrael Medad argues that the Left is now viewed, in the eyes of the majority of the public, as outside the Jewish political consensus in Israel. Hamutal Gouri argues from a feminist perspective for an awakening of the Israeli public which she reproaches as too willing to vote against its own political interests. In addition, social scientist Doron Matza argues that Benjamin Netanyahu’s broadly pragmatic diplomatic, security and economic policies enjoy widespread consensus, and this ‘paradigm’ will continue for the foreseeable future, regardless of who wins the election.

Our Image of the Week is Blue and White Chair Benny Gantz speaking with Channel 12 anchor Danny Kushmaro during the conference of the Israeli Television News Company, Tel Aviv, 5 September 2019.

Our Voice of the Week is Alex Joffe, Asaf Romirowsky, Gerald Steinberg, Einat Wilf, Arnon Groiss, Daniel Pipes and Eitan Dangot at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies and Middle East Forum joint conference entitled ‘Reforming UNRWA’, 18 March 2018.

IsraelVotes2019 (2) | ‘The Likud understand that they will have to approach Gantz’: an interview with Tal Schneider

by Tal Schneider

Tal Schneider is diplomatic and political correspondent for Globes in Israel and is a former DC correspondent for Maariv newspaper. She spoke about the election to Richard Pater, head of BICOM in Israel, on 3 September. Richard Pater: How is this election similar or dissimilar from the one held in April? Tal Schneider: The current campaign is completely different to the April campaign because this is the first time we are having an election because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed...

Voice of the Week


Image of the Week


IsraelVotes2019 (2) | Israelonomics: an interview with Avi Weiss
by Avi Weiss

Professor Avi Weiss is the former Chief Economist and Deputy Director of the Israel Antitrust Authority and now serves as President of the Taub Centre....

IsraelVotes2019 (2) | 'The Left is finished in Israel.' A reply to Revital Amiran
by Yisrael Medad

Yisrael Medad writes a weekly media column for the Jerusalem Post and serves as a foreign press spokesperson for the Yesha Council of Jewish communities. In...

IsraelVotes2019 (2) | Another Israel is possible. But not until Israelis wake up.
by Hamutal Gouri

Hamutal Gouri is the former executive director of the Dafna Fund and the founder of consult4good, a feminist activist and storyteller for social change. She...

IsraelVotes2019 (2) | Netanyahu isn’t just a Prime Minister; he represents a paradigm that is here to stay
by Doron Matza

While some analysts believe Israel is approaching a ‘post-Netanyahu era’, Doron Matza argues that regardless of Netanyahu’s personal future, his broadly pragmatic diplomatic, security and...

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