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Fathom Highlight | From Stonethrower to Peacemaker: Interview with Aziz Abu Sarah / 9 May / 2016

This week’s Fathom Highlight showcases two experienced practitioners talking about what we might call the moral economy of peace-building. Aziz Abu Sarah is a Palestinian stonethrower turned peace-maker and bridge-builder with a passion for telling stories that educate and unite. Ed Rettig is a member of Rabbis for Human Rights who argues for the centrality of human rights to the Zionist project.

For peace, we need vision, hope and bridge-building: an interview with Aziz Abu Sarah

by Aziz Abu Sarah

Aziz Abu Sarah is a National Geographic Explorer and Cultural Educator. A Palestinian from Jerusalem, Aziz has pioneered and managed many projects in conflict resolution and community relations. He spoke to Fathom editor Alan Johnson. Alan Johnson: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your journey? Aziz Abu Sarah: I grew up in Jerusalem in a very conservative Muslim family, and my introduction to the conflict was when my mum gave me an onion to take to school...

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Defending Human Rights in a Nation Under Siege: A Sermon of Sorts
by Edward Rettig

In a chaotic and morally obtuse situation, little understood by outsiders, Israel must still try to follow the Divine example of loving humanity, argues Ed...

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