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Fathom Highlight |Darkenu: The movement of Israel's moderates / July 18 / 2016

This week’s highlight features Polly Bronstein, the leader of Israeli NGO Darkenu (formerly V15 and One Voice Israel), ‘the movement of Israel’s moderates’. Her organisation is under attack this week from Likud MK Yoav Kisch who is about to present coalition faction leaders with a bill designed to make Darkenu’s ‘get out the vote’ activity in advance of the next Knesset elections subject to campaign finance restrictions.

Our voice of the week is Jacob Oildort, Soref Fellow at the Washington Institute, who was joined by Marcus Sheff, CEO of the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Culture Tolerance in School Education, to discuss how ISIS uses indoctrination methods to teach their version of Salafi-Jihadi terrorism.

Our image of the week is a young Palestinian taking part in a military-style exercise at a summer camp organised by the Islamic Jihad movement in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, 14 July 2016.

Darkenu: keeping the dream of Israel alive

by Polly Bronstein

Israel has a new organisation. Darkenu styles itself as the movement of Israel’s moderates. It’s leader Polly Bronstein argues that while Israel was created out of nothing, from the collective dream of a persecuted people, the country’s future is now in the balance and its future direction will be determined by the collective action of ‘moderate Israel’. ‘We are the people we have been waiting for,’ she says. Many people outside Israel tend to see it in black and white....

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