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Fathom Highlight – an interview with Koby Huberman / 6 April / 2016

This week’s Fathom Highlight is BICOM Chief Executive James Sorene’s interview with Koby Huberman. Formerly a high tech entrepreneur, he now heads the Israel Peace Initiative an organisation which advocates a regional approach to achieving a two-state solution.

Huberman outlined a number of steps for Israelis and Palestinians that would allow progress on the peace process and argued that, rather than new thinking, what was needed was strong and courageous leadership on both sides.


Our Voice of the Week is a Washington Institute panel discussion on ‘Putin’s Middle East Policy: Causes and Consequences’ featuring former White House staffer Philip Gordon and Institute Ira Weiner Fellow Anna Borschchevskaya.


Our Image of the Week is of a Phantom drone by skyscrapers in Tel Aviv. 06 April 2016. Photo by Moshe Shai/FLASH90.

'What we are lacking is courageous leadership': an interview with Koby Huberman

by Koby Huberman

BICOM Chief Executive James Sorene spoke with Koby Huberman, who was a high tech entrepreneur before it was fashionable, and now head of the Israel Peace Initiative (IPI). The IPI advocates a regional approach for a two-state solution and the end of conflict as the only way to ensure a strong prosperous Israel with a Jewish majority. James Sorene: What is the IPI and why did you set it up? Koby Huberman: The IPI Group is an Israeli NGO that...

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