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Fathom Highlight | An International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace / 31 October / 2016

This week’s Fathom highlight features John Lyndon and Joel Braunold who are leading experts in the field of people-to-people peace projects that bring together Israelis and Palestinians. They spoke to Fathom about the emerging generational divide in Israeli and Palestinian societies. Why are polls showing younger people less likely to favour compromise and peace than their elders? What can be done to address this by civil society actors and governments? When have youth been organised as agents of positive change, and how can these successes be scaled up? And is it time to establish an international fund for peace along the lines of that which played such a positive role in Northern Ireland?

Our video of the week is of an assault on a meeting organised at the University College London Israel Society on 28 October 2016. Fathom has never before posted a video of this type, but we all have to face a reality: this is how poisoned and thuggish and dangerous the intellectual climate on some UK campuses is today. Thanks to Craig Dillon & Jacob Diamond who made the video.

Our image of the week is Israeli Jewish and Palestinian youth sitting and talking to each other during a weekly meeting organised by Ali Abu Awwad, a Palestinian from the West Bank. Ali organises meetings between Jews and Palestinians at his home, to promote cooperation and co-existence.

Opinion amongst the young is drifting. An International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace is urgently needed

by Joel Braunold John Lyndon

‘The best people to convince Israelis that Palestinians are not monsters, and to show the Palestinians that Israelis are not monsters,’ wrote Joel Braunold in Fathom last year, ‘are the respective populations’. However, with current polling demonstrating that the youth of Israel are more right-wing and religious than any other cohort, and given comparable data in Palestine, the oft-repeated axiom that that the youth hold the key to resolving the conflict must be re-examined. Why do the young hold such...

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