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Fathom Highlight: After Paris / 18 November / 2015

Much has been written since Friday’s attacks in Paris about the scourge of Islamist terrorism. This week’s Fathom Highlight features four pieces of expert in-depth analysis of ISIS, Islamism and the terror threat now faced by Israelis and Europeans alike.

Michael Weiss is interviewed about ISIS and its transformation into the most successful jihadist enterprise in the annals of international terrorism; Amichai Magen of the Institute for Counter Terrorism (ICT) writes about Israel, Europe and the converging terror threat they face; a round-table of experts discuss Michael Walzer’s acclaimed essay ‘Islamism and the Left’; and Dave Rich of the Community Security Trust (CST) writes on the ‘quenelle’ phenomenon in France.

Our Voice of the week is Douglas Murray, associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society, reflecting on Antisemitism and Islamism in Europe today.

Our Image of the Week is of Sheikh Raed Salah, leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, speaking to the press following the Security Cabinet’s decision to outlaw the movement, 17 November  2015. Basel Awidat/Flash90.

Making Sense of ISIS: an interview with Michael Weiss

by Michael Weiss

Michael Weiss is the co-author with Hassan Hassan of the New York Times bestseller ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror. He is the Senior Editor at The Daily Beast and Editor of The Interpreter. Shirin Lotfi was an editorial assistant at Fathom. Inside the Army of Terror Shirin Lotfi: How did you come to write this book? Michael Weiss: I’ve been covering the Syria conflict since its inception. I started with a report on the Sunni opposition in June 2011...

Voice of the Week


Image of the Week


Israel, Europe and the converging terror threat
by Amichai Magen

Dr. Amichai Magen maps the increasing interconnectedness of the Islamist terror threats faced by Europe and Israel, and considers how policy makers can work together...

Debating Michael Walzer’s 'Islamism and the Left'
by Michael Walzer

Michael Walzer is professor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, and one of the democratic left’s foremost political philosophers. His...

The unwelcome arrival of the quenelle
by Dave Rich

When the Premier League footballer Nicolas Anelka celebrated a goal by performing a quenelle salute he touched off a storm of protest. Dave Rich examines...

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