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Fathom Highlight | A twofold perspective on the Palestinain Authority's strategy and relevance / 27 June / 2016

Last week Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the EU Parliament in Brussels, underlining his support for the French peace plan and the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative. This week’s Fathom Highlight is a twofold reflection on the strategy of the PA under Abbas. First, Adam Rasgon and Grant Rumley assess the successes and failures of the PA’s foreign policy approach over the last 20 years. And second, Husam Zomlot explores the crisis of the Oslo peace process, the changing character of the parties to the conflict, and the new Palestinian strategy which he argues is based on internationalisation, gradualism and non-violence.

Our voice of the week is Dr. Emily Landau, INSS; Ms. Kelsey Davenport, Arms Control Association; and Ms. Valerie Lincy, Wisconsin Project, discussing the regional and nuclear implications of the Iran Nuclear deal, one year on.

Assessing the Palestinian Authority’s Foreign Policy

by Grant Rumley and Adam Rasgon

Has the internationalisation strategy pushed by President Abbas transformed international public opinion and diplomacy and set the Palestinians on the path to statehood? Adam Rasgon and Grant Rumley suggest not. Introduction Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas travelled to Athens in late December to thank the Greek Parliament for recognising the ‘State of Palestine’. Abbas hailed the Greek Parliament’s decision and declared: ‘This is a grand Palestinian-Greek wedding.’ The Palestinian leader frequently travels to European capitals these days. In the...

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After Oslo’s failure, the two-state solution is now an international responsibility: an interview with Husam Zomlot
by Husam Zomlot

Husam Zomlot serves as ambassador-at-large for the state of Palestine and adjunct professor of Government at Birzeit University. He is founder and co-ordinator of the...

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