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Dahlia Scheindlin on what Israel-Palestine can learn from Cyprus / 6 December / 2016

The Fathom Highlight this week is Dr Dahlia Scheindlin, Policy Fellow at Mitvim Institute: The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies, and author of the recent study Lessons from Cyprus for Israel-Palestine: Can Negotiations Still Work? Scheindlin spoke to a Fathom Forum about her paper in London on 1 December.

Our voice of the week is US Secretary of State John Kerry in discussion with Jeffrey Goldberg, Editor in Chief at The Atlantic, at the annual Brookings Institute’s Saban Forum, 4 December 2016.

Our image of the week is two participants at a four-day workshop in Acre, which brought together 26 Israeli educators from diverse communities and educated them how to become even more effective role models, and how to empower their students by listening, believing, and giving. Photo by US Embassy Tel Aviv.

Lessons from Cyprus for Israel-Palestine

by Dahlia Scheindlin

Cyprus has experienced a protracted, unresolved conflict for roughly five decades. Like Israel-Palestine, the conflict has ethno-nationalist and territorial dimensions, tension between a sovereign state and a sub-state entity, and a hostile military presence, as well as decades of failed negotiations, with both sides showing ambiguous commitment to the intended political framework for resolution, despite the intense involvement of the international community. Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin mapped points of comparison related to conflict resolution efforts in both cases when she spoke...

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